Every day at 12PM (midday GMT+2) a new post will become available. These posts will include all the writing work I have done for that day along with some stats and references.


Revision 1 progress & future

It's been a while! My bad, my procrastinating on changing the website to weekly posting had grown a bit out...

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Happy holidays & week review

Happy Christmas! Week 51 review I got in some solid work on Aegis #1, world-building and characters, but also lost...

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Remember what you read

Alas, no big writing progress today. I've not made it through Dawn of Revolution in full yet. Hopefully by tomorrow...

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Aegis #1 Characters

I'm halfway through my Dawn of Revolution reread and pleasantly surprised to find the manuscript in pretty good condition. In...

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Aegis Worldbuilding & Dawn of Revolution reread

Yesterday, I've been doing some word-building on one of my fantasy story ideas. This is not building on the prologue...

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Reflection on KC: The Farmhouse's First Draft

Some reflection on the first draft. At first I only wanted to do a fix list, mostly negative things, but...

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Readable formats for KC: The Farmhouse

It took a while, but I finally… finally got my manuscript converted into the more readable PDF, EPUB & MOBI...

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W50 review & what's next?

Week 50 - Review The first draft for KC: The Farmhouse is officially finished! Woohoo! Some observations I will detach...

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KC: The Farmhouse Final session & Cover tryout

First draft: DONE! If you'd like to read a PDF or EPUB version, wait a few days! I'm going to...

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KC: The Farmhouse #30

Prep: The attic will get rounded up today. That leaves a final chase, Derrek and Chip rounding up everyone, and...

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KC: The Farmhouse #29

Prep: Ready for this session. Time to push through some scares, first the coat and hopefully the mirror too. I'll...

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KC: The Farmhouse #28 & attic sketch

Prep: First wing for the attic is done. Derrek will move through the bigger part now. Warren was already on...

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KC: The Farmhouse #27

Prep: Starting with the attic today, the final slow scare scene for The Farmhouse. I won't be going with the...

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W49 review & W50 plan

Week 49 - Review This week had a big disturbance, as sparks in my power box. This had me distracted...

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KC: The Farmhouse #26

Prep: Missed a few posts due to some technical issues with the power at home. The last mailing also seemed...

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KC: The Farmhouse #25 Marathon

Prep: I will do one global outline which I can follow. I first thought about doing this per session but...

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Marathon Prep

No writing today. I don't really feel like it, but I'm building up for a longer marathon session tomorrow. Besides...

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KC: The Farmhouse #24

Prep: Derrek made it to a pivotal point in the story: The dining room. He's locked in there by two...

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W48 review & W49 plan

Prep: As promised, one extra writing session. This is going to be action-packed. Derrek is heading down the stairs as...

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KC: The Farmhouse #23

Prep: No extra sessions yesterday. I put some work into a cover. Sketched something out with stick men and contacted...

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KC: The Farmhouse #22

Prep: Early start, for today will be marathon day! I'll be doing untimed sessions with breaks in between. I'll post...

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Developments & KC: The Farmhouse #21

Prep: Gray day = Dev day. I plan to do some development on this website today. First, I am going...

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KC: The Farmhouse #20

Prep: Derrek gets locked in the house. He has no choice but moving deeper. He's searching for the stairs as...

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KC: The Farmhouse #19

Prep: Heading inside today, Derrek enters the house in the pantry. They mostly used this for supplies, but also as...

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KC: The Farmhouse map sketches

Prep: Something different today. I took some time to sketch out the maps for the Farmhouse and its surroundings. It...

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W47 review, W48 prep

Week 47 - Review Small milestone reached: KC The Farmhouse's first draft is halfway! The word count is just over...

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KC: The Farmhouse #18

Prep: I've been thinking about the transition from the barn to the house, and I found something. When Derrek got...

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KC: The Farmhouse #17

Prep: Today the calls for help will happen. One for the Chief, one for Chip. Derrek will not be holding...

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KC: The Farmhouse #16

Prep: Yesterday's session was shorter than expected. I was stressed for the events later that day.. Well; the cat is...

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KC: The Farmhouse #15

Prep: Last week I started reading H.P. Lovecraft's Tales of Horror, setting the scene with a playlist and even trying...

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KC: The Farmhouse #14

Prep: Continuing on yesterday's session, I'll be writing without timer again. Plan for today is to finish up Derrek's questioning,...

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KC: The Farmhouse #13

Prep: Today I'm mixing it up, I'll be writing without timer. I will have a tracker to see how long...

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W46 review and W47 plan

Week 46 - Review The story is at 14K words today, right on schedule for 1K words a day. Discovery...

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KC: The Farmhouse #12

Prep: Derrek is running for his life, or well, mostly slipping for his life. Of course, he'll make it just...

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KC: The Farmhouse #11

Prep: I'm still a bit surprised that yesterday's writing session went so well, even better than normal. I'm going to...

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KC: The Farmhouse #10

Prep: Primary goal today will be the call to the Chief. He's also aware the other teens will probably try...

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KC: The Farmhouse #9

Prep: Derrek learned little yesterday except for 3 names, but he's not done questioning yet. And he gained a phone....

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KC: The Farmhouse #8

Prep: Important dialog today. Derrek's going to get some information from the girl. Of course, she'll be lying, but Derrek...

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KC: The Farmhouse #7

Prep: We left off last time in the barn where Derrek is going through a few scares simultaneously. I expect...

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W45 review, midnight writing & W46 plan

My first writing week is over and it went better than I expected. I made it to 7700 words on...

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KC: The Farmhouse #6

Prep: No prep yesterday led to a short writing session, so today: prep! The orchard was a last-minute addition to...

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KC: The Farmhouse #5

Prep: Not a lot to prep today, I like where it's going. Descriptions are something I need to work on....

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KC: The Farmhouse #4

Prep:Yesterday I felt a bit lost without an outline, not knowing what should happen next and in what order. So...

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KC: The Farmhouse #3

Prep: Yesterday, I missed a piece of dialog which confirms Jocelyn is alone at her home. I'll add that in...

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KC: The Farmhouse #2

Prep: For the chapter name I found an intersection, and I combined the names to: Dry Hollow Road (after another...

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KC: The Farmhouse #1

Prep: D-Day! The first actual writing session on Kane's Cases: The Farmhouse. I set my target at 1000 words and...

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First week's review, feedback & W45 plan

This has been a really fun start for me. I've had a lot of kind words and about 10 people...

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How I will write

It's probably obvious, but I'll be writing on my computer, not by hand. I think it'd be a horror story...

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My first project

My first project I want to tackle this way is Kane's Cases. This is an idea for a series of...

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Hello world!

Hi there! Welcome to my new website. As you might have guessed, I’m starting a blog about my writing. Yes,...

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