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KC: The Farmhouse Final session & Cover tryout

17-12-2022 - 1 year ago - 10m 17s
First draft: DONE! If you'd like to read a PDF or EPUB version, wait a few days! I'm going to get a clean export.

Cover tryout 16/12/22:

Very late start yesterday, so I skipped that post. A slight hangover may have caused that… maybe. Instead of writing, I tried making a cover myself; I got sick of the random image placeholder. I used 2 different Canva templates and a picture I found on Pexels. You can find them below. I like the first best, but I'm not sure if the red/blue lights are working for the police-like effect I want to create. One of these will do for a temporary cover. I'd love to hear your feedback on both!
Cover 1

Cover 2


I plan to finish the story today. This post is probably late again, but if everything goes right, you should have a finished story when you read this.
Picking up from Derrek on his butt after seeing the scarecrow: No way. What's happening? That was impossible, like before.
Am I… Am I going nuts?


Session 1 - Time: 150m - Words: 2200

Warren stumbled through a row of corn further down. The noise was finally able to get Derrek moving again. He didn't dare pull the corn aside to see what was behind it. Looking can only hurt. Or I'll see no clearing, which means I'm crazy, or I'll see the clearing with a messed up dark scarecrow, which means I'm even more crazy… Just need to put this whole thing behind me.
Derrek got moving behind Warren again. He only heard him further down and a row to the right. Everything in Derrek's body was on full alert. Heart racing, pores sweating, breath shallow and muscles tense, but also sore.
He pushed through a row on his right, more weary than before, scared he'd find the same thing waiting for him. It was a relief when it was just another row of ordinary dark corn field. How my new normal has shifted already. I'm taking a week off after this. He didn't spot Warren yet, but as he pushed through another, he saw him again. The field was running at an end too, they'd made it to the muddy farm road. He'll need to choose, head through, over or deeper through the fields. I really hope he picks the road.
Warren made it to the farmroad and Derrek could see he was working through his choices. A sudden voice distracted him. Warren let out an exclamation.
"Stop! Put your hands up." That isn't Chip. Jones? Already? Warren hesitated, and eventually turned toward the muddy road, starting to cross. Derrek made it to the edge, just a couple of feet behind him.

NEW CHAPTER - 65 Dry Hollow Road - 15 m

Both Derrek and Jones had their flashlights focused on Warren, as he stumbled halfway through the muddy road, trying to get away. Jones was taken aback by the two of them suddenly bursting out the of the corn field, but he was quick to react. He pulled out his weapon. Derrek's heart jumped for a second, afraid he was going to gun him down. Jones didn't pull a gun though.
A laser pointed from his weapon onto Warren's back. A loud snap, almost like a mouse trap springing, came from the weapon as two metal probes with needles in the front launched. Warren had made it halfway when they pierced the clothes on his back. A quick ticking noise came from the weapon, which seemed to sync with Warren's spasming, before he went down in full. He let out a pained groan, but even that was hard with 1800 volts coursing through your system. Well great, you chase someone an entire evening and then Late Jones comes in and steals the catch. Note to self, bring your taser next time.
"Good shot." Derrek said, trying to keep the disdain from his voice.
"I got him?" Jones asked as the ticking stopped, Warren face down in the mud. This guy, seriously. Jones remained standing, gun held up, he'd surprised himself. Derrek moved for the boy, the mud was still wet enough. There wasn't a lot Warren could do if he fell with his face in a puddle. Can't have him suffocating here. With Derrek moving, Jones lowered his gun and started coming closer too.
Derrek slid through the mud, but got to Warren without a drop. He turned the boy, his face had remained clear of the mud, the rest didn't. Good thing it was muddy. I've read too many reports of people falling badly after getting tasered. Their bodies just become potato bags. Probably partly why they call it less-than-lethal instead of non-lethal. The boy wasn't unconscious, but you couldn't call him conscious either, his eyes half open mostly turned upward. Derrek pulled the boy out of the mud to the side of the road.
"Can I use your cuffs?" Derrek asked as Jones stepped closer beside him, staying clear of the mud. Jones handed them over without a word. "Thanks. Just a heads-up, Chip is here too." Jones made a sharp intake of breath, but Derrek continued. "He spotted my car in passing and drove up to see what was going on. He's up at the house holding the others waiting until you arrived. I'd appreciate it if you put in a good word for him too."
"Sure, as long as he didn't shoot anyone, again?"
"He didn't." I hope. Jones harrumphed with a nod.
"Maybe he'd better get out before anyone else arrives then? Gonna be a lot of craziness otherwise." Good man
"Yeah. You mind waiting here with the boy? I don't see him walking yet. I'll go get Chip and we'll pick you up." Derrek saw relief flood over Jones face. He'd been scared coming up here.
"Sure, I can do that. See ya in a bit." Derrek gave a nod.
"Stay put." Derrek said to Warren, as he gave him a tap on the shoulder. He got up and started walking back toward the farmhouse. He followed the side of the mud road, eying the corn beside him. Afraid to find a scarecrow waiting for him behind each new row. He walked slowly, feeling the strain from the evening on him. He eyed behind him a few times too, seeing Jones standing beside Warren, following him. Yeah, Jones, that's not helping, I already feel watched. Time to put this night behind me.
Derrek went through the bend in the road, seeing the farmhouse in front of him. The feeling of unease didn't go away, even when he knew Jones couldn't see him anymore. He still felt eyes on him. His hand came up to his neck, the spot still felt cold, but not icy like before. Better check that out once I get home. The black mark I saw there. And the mirror… Damn, I just need sleep.
The lights from Chip's truck were already on, turned toward him, engine running. Derrek froze for a second as the metals shears from the tractor went through his mind. It took him a second to push through the feeling. Man, calm down. He walked out from between the corn fields to see Chip walking out of the house. He was carrying the girl, Dina, almost like a fireman coming out of a fire. The shotgun on his belt broke the image somewhat, but still. Derrek spotted the other teens leaving the house too. Peter dragging his leg a bit, Yves being helped by Ashley who was loose from the cuffs. All of them were walking toward the truck, Derrek headed there too.
"Did he get away?" Chip said in his loud voice, startling the girl in his arms.
"No, Jones arrived." He saw Chip tense up a bit. "He tasered the boy, waiting halfway on the road for a pickup. Don't worry, he won't say anything bad about you." Chip gave a nod, but his face didn't fully agree. "Any of them act up?" Derrek asked.
Chip nodded his head backward. "Mouse girl called me a pervert, wouldn't believe I was a cop at first. Only believed me when I was able to open her cuffs."
"Stop calling me mouse girl!" Ashley said.
"Hey, just stating what my nose is telling me." Chip grinned, Derrek following. Ashley gave them both a hard bitchy stare before moving along toward the truck.
"I'll drop you off at your car, you and Jones can take them in together."
"Great, but uh— I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick and lock the doors. Yves, you still got those keys?" Derrek asked. Yves felt his pocket and got out the set.
"Round back, square front." Derrek blinked, but as he took the keys he felt the shapes. The others passed by him, getting in the truck's open trunk as Derrek went up the steps from the porch again.

NEW CHAPTER - The Farmhouse - 70m

Derrek stepped through the front door, the lights in the hallway and kitchen were still on. He went through the hallway and the kitchen into the pantry. He felt the handle of the backdoor. Unlocked, Warren probably left it unlocked when he came in. Uh, square or round? Ten seconds ago and already slipped my mind.
He tried square first, the key clinked against the metal, it wouldn't fit for a mile. The round one slipped in easily and he closed it off. He moved back through the kitchen, hand on the lightswitch, when he noticed the red marks Dina had left behind on the floor and on a chair's seat. Remains from the red goo where she'd fallen in after the pepper spray. The candles on the table were already blown out. That's gonna be a mess to clean up. Good thing that won't be my work. He flicked the switch.
The door to the dining room was still open. The table still a bit lit up from the hallway. He closed the door.
Back in the hallway, he went into the bathroom. His bladder was acting up, mostly ignored throughout the evening, it was full to the brim now. He flicked the light switch, grabbed the toilet lid, pulled it open and—
He threw himself backward, hitting the sink behind him. My god, that's so lame. Still, it got me. He released a nervous laugh and relieved himself. After completion, he turned for the sink, but turned back with a grin to close the lid again. Probably catch someone tomorrow too.
Derrek turned off the light in the bathroom and hallway, got out the front door, found the square key and locked the door behind him.

The truck with the teens stood waiting as the cop walked toward it. The cop was looking around left and right, giving the fields a last uneasy glance. The noise from the truck's heavy engine swallowed the camera's clicking noises as the shutter opened and closed in rapid succession. The cop stepped hesitantly into the truck's passenger door. The wheels slipped a bit through the mud, but gained traction as it went over the muddy road.
The farmhouse and the fields around it remained dark. Except for a new light. In the corn field, a covered face lit up from a camera's screen. The screen scrolled through multiple pictures of the cop from a few seconds ago. The cop's silhouette was clearly visible in different shades of green. Where the cop held the flashlight in front of him, the pictures were a big smudge of white. The buttons went left and right, scrolling, up and down, zooming, until the screen stopped on a picture. Zooming again. The cop had his head turned to the other side, looking toward the other side of the fields. His neck showed a faint black spot.
The face turned into a satisfied grin. The person put the camera away and started walking toward the farmhouse. He pulled out a square key and brought a black walkie-talkie to his mouth.
"Mark confirmed, Derrek Kane is the new target."

NEW CHAPTER - Epilogue - 13b Linden Avenue - 110

Around 4am, Derrek entered his apartment. His dog, Wilfred, came to greet him, tail spinning like a helicopter. He got onto his knees to pet him, gave him a kiss on his head and moved, exhausted, toward his bathroom. He listened at his bedroom door, only some deep loud breaths. Good, not sure I could tell everything now without falling asleep.
He entered the bathroom, closed the door, and pulled his pull aside to look at his neck. He'd checked it at the station too. What the hell, it's completely gone now, even the smudge. It still feels a bit cold though. He sighed deep, letting go of his pull. He took out his toothbrush. My imagination must be running wild. I'll check it again tomorrow, nothing I can do now.
He finished up and crawled in his bed, beside his girlfriend. He gave her a kiss on her head before using his butt to push free some room. Fully wriggled in, he closed his eyes. Wilfred threw himself on the floor behind the bed, his cushion just a few feet away, yet he preferred the ground.

In a short while, Derrek's breath got deeper. The humans breaths almost synced up. Wilfred got calm from the sound, but he couldn't quite match up to their slow speed. He was almost asleep when he heard something from beneath the bed. He turned on his belly, put up his ears and searched where it came from. His eyes caught on something. He got up and out of the room as fast as he could. In the hallway he stopped and looked back into the room. His humans were still there, he had to protect them. He growled low toward the bed.
A cold breeze made his nose hairs twitch, a chuckle accompanied the breeze. Wilfred's paws slid over the floor, trying to get a grip. He finally found it and made for the kitchen, tail between his legs.
His humans breathed on without a clue.


That's all, folks! I am very glad to have this first draft rounded up. It's way different from what I had in mind.
I ran into one big problem during the final chapters. It's weird for Derrek and Chip to leave the farm behind as is, but I don't really have a better solution since the other cops are busy too. Not sure how this would normally be handled. I'd think the questioning of the kids and getting them home would be a priority. But maybe they'd have to make pictures of the location first or just wait there. Still question marks, so I just rounded them up and got them out.
Derrek wouldn't decide this on his own either, so a call to the Chief is required too. These are some things I'll be pondering about and handle in revisions.
The ending scene was painful to write. At first I wanted just a chuckle that no one would hear, but the dread and danger of scaring the dog is way worse. I'm almost mad at myself for scaring an imagined dog.

Tomorrow will be a review of this week, but I'm also going to get a PDF and EPUB version available for this draft. That's just easier to read for everyone.
See you tomorrow.

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