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Developments & KC: The Farmhouse #21

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Gray day = Dev day. I plan to do some development on this website today. First, I am going to add the short story, Specters, I wrote last year as freebie to this website. I'll make this a 'subscription' gift. If you already subscribed, I'll send a separate mail for it. I'll also add it as a story with some information on its creation.
Next, I'll be adding a RSS/Atom feed. This should be easy as far as I read in the docs. This way I can connect these posts to my Goodreads.
Do you have any ideas for something cool/handy for this website? Let me know!
By the way, if you use Spotify, be sure to check out your Wrapped 2022 playlist! I'm at 51k minutes this year.
I'll be putting mine to work today.

First things first, writing! Derrek is in the laundry room watching through the window at the figure seated on the terrace. I aim to get him in the hallway today and put some decisions in front of him.
Picking up from: Derrek looked to its left and saw the path heading toward a large glass window at the bottom left part of the J-shaped house. That looks like a sliding window. Should reach it if I continue deeper this way.


Session 1 - Time: 73m - Words: 1120
No timer - Discovery

Derrek watched it a few more seconds, no movement whatsoever. Is it even a person? Could be a distraction to get me on that terrace. I'll be able to see more from that sliding window.
Derrek moved from the window to the closed door. It was the same style of wooden door as the one before, big old keyhole included. He peeked through it. Hallway, no lights as far as I can see. I can hear the chanting from here too, probably another entrance to the kitchen too. He got up and opened the door.


Derrek lit up the dark hallway with his red light, as he closed the door behind him. It was long and narrow here, but grew wider toward the end, where the front door was. There were two doors close by, one to the left; kitchen he guessed; and one to the right. The red light illuminated a metal plaque drawing of a man and woman holding their nether parts. My grandma has those too, toilet it is.
Derrek peered further down, there was another door to the right first, beneath a handrail that went down toward the front door. Stairs! I'm guessing basement beneath it. To the left, perpendicular with where the stairs ended, was another door. He couldn't see further beyond it without increasing the brightness of his flashlight. The chanting was louder here
Better make sure I'm not leaving any surprises behind me. Damn, I still need something to block that back door with. No chairs here either, going to have to go through the kitchen at some point. Better check the toilet first. He got out his rubber gun, armed with his last rounds of rubber bullets.
With his flashlight hand, he opened the door.

NEW CHAPTER - Toilet - Hallway

Derrek did what every rational human does before entering a toilet. He checked the air. A quick double sniff told him it was safe to enter. There was a distinct smell, like most toilets have, but no brown alerts.
With the door on a creak, he saw the sink, to the right of the room. He stopped opening the door any further. What's that? It seems filled. He held his flashlight a bit higher to shine from another angle. The sink was filled to the brim, with water, and something dark. Hair? Derrek felt his stomach turn. Not from what he saw here. Somehow, the memory of opening his shower drain came to mind. He had pulled out a clot of hair then, which was foul of itself but the smell… the smell was way worse. He smelled that now, even while it wasn't there. He hid back behind the door and swallowed. I'm not touching that. I'd rather eat my hat then touch that.
He took a few seconds to recuperate, but the chanting in the room behind him pushed him on with some urgency. He shone back inside the toilet, averting his eyes from the sink. There was a mirror above the sink. Ah, no drawing or message? Missed opportunity. Beneath the sink, were two wooden closet doors. Nothing special, he opened the door further. He had to open it whole before he could see the toilet bowl.
The lid was closed. Something seemed off as well, there was something black on the side of the lid. Yeah, obvious trap. I'm not going to… But what is it? What could you hide in a toilet? Pop-out spider? He stood there watching the closed lid. Thoughts running through his head of what it could be. I can't even recall any movies that did anything gory with a toilet. This could be something original… Am I going to leave this in the unknown? I can always come back later. Or. Or. I could take a quick peek? He edged his hand toward the lid, feeling like a little kid that finds a button to press. Or well, just about anyone who finds a button without a tag. Most would go and push it. It's someone inviting you to an action. Here someone put effort into preparing this surprise, requiring an action.
His hand was almost on the lid, when something clattered further down the hall. Focus Derrek, pull your head out of the toilet. First things first. With some effort, he removed himself the toilet.
The lid remained closed.
The black thing —which wasn't black— remained unseen.


Derrek shone his red light down the hall, where he had heard the sound. The light caught on something between the stairs and the second door to the left. A wooden handle with a rusty piece of metal in a half-moon. A piece he had seen before. Pigman's sickle.
Damn, someone is messing with me. I didn't hear someone rushing away so they're probably close by. He eyed the other door to his right, the one beneath the stairs, and the door leading to the kitchen. I would have heard the doors if someone used them, especially if they had to close them again. Or not? If they timed it exactly… No no, that'd be real lucky. He still eyed both doors and bit his lip.
Derrek treaded further down the hall, slow and quiet, toward the sickle. He restrained himself from opening the door. Check the hall first. Focus. He breathed long in, short out. He reached the sickle, here he saw the handrail clearly. It was a classic wooden dark brown handrail, with ornamented spokes which were a hell to clean, a top rail with a glossy yet smooth finish. Something from thirty years ago, yet not aged a bit. It felt right here, would have been weird to find a modern staircase in this kind of house. The stairs themselves were also wooden. Probably oak? Well, I think I would call any wooden stairs oak, because, you know… Oak. One thing is for sure, these older stairs are bound to creak at some pieces. Derrek passed over the sickle, making sure not to step on it, the stairs to his right.
He saw the front door now, where he'd been on the opposite side of not that long ago. To his left was a third door, going into a room that would be looking out on the front porch. So left: Pantry, kitchen, unknown and unknown. Possibly even another room deeper in one of those.
To his right, in front of the stairs was a majestic double door. Made out of the same wood as the stairs, with the same style of ornamentations. Waw, that's epic.


What's in the toilet? Good question, it's actually… Nah, not yet.
I've been doubting to decorate the hall too, I've refrained for now because I don't want it to become a full-on cacophony. The only thing I want to add are some paintings. They're an instant creep.
Haven't gotten to the choices yet but almost there now. Still need to do a bit of scene setting. Check back tomorrow for more!

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