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W45 review, midnight writing & W46 plan

13-11-2022 - 1 year ago - 1m 58s
My first writing week is over and it went better than I expected. I made it to 7700 words on The Farmhouse… and I had one very late night writing session yesterday.

Week 45 - Review

The switch from outline to discovery writing went ok. I lost a bit of speed, but with a bit of pre-session prep, I upped it again. I could keep back from any revisions except for some minor refactoring when I was copying things to this website. I'm going to keep it that way. I can always spice up parts later. Getting the story out is my primary goal.

Midnight writing session - Fantasy prologue

Normally I only drink coffee until 2PM, but yesterday (Saturday) I had one around 8PM and I felt it. My girlfriend's father joked I could use the time to write… and so I tried. At first I thought of continuing KC, but I also had another idea brewing, a prologue for a fantasy story.
I did 1400 words on that, pure discovery writing, which took me about 3 hours to write (11PM-2AM). I was hesitant to share this because it is something very different, but I will share it just because it is different. It still needs some expansion, but the start is there, and I really like it myself. Didn't expect a side project on my first week, but, hey.
I linked the prologue to this post (see down below).
With that session, I was a bit late today so alas, no progress on KC.

Week 46 - Plan

Back to KC: The Farmhouse, the story is progressing at a steady pace. I'm still unsure how many words this is going to come to in total. In my head, once Derrek gets inside, he's reached some sort of halfway point. I don't think that'll be next week yet, but probably the week after.
For the week that's coming, I will not change a lot except for a small increase in session length. I notice I always have to stop myself at the end, while it's still flowing. First, I'm going to try 30 minutes; if that works, I'll do 35 or even 40. I don't want to push it too hard. 1000 words is still my daily goal.

Story - (SPOILERS)

Storywise, I'm going to give Derrek a win. He'll be able to capture one teen, the one in the barn, and get some information out of her. He'll learn they were just there to scare him. I meant this as a sort of safety point so he'll grow bolder, but the teens will grow bolder too, forcing him to call in for help.
That'll be Chip, he'll be awhile, so I plan him to arrive somewhere toward the back of the story, about 60-70%. He won't be able to sit on his ass until then.
Ok, a bit overboard there… but this week I plan: barn (biggest piece), mowed field (tractor scare) and probably the chicken/pig pen.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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