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I've been thinking about the transition from the barn to the house, and I found something. When Derrek got to the tractor, the key wasn't in the ignition. Warren took it with him inside and left it on a crate beside Ashley. Guess who's going to find it?
Derrek is finishing up his call with Chip, who is already in his car. He'll be getting some kind of help, but there still isn't a real trigger for Derrek to move right now. Why wouldn't he just wait for Chip to arrive? I don't have an answer for that either, not yet. But I'm going to write it this way, since I can always revise that in later. So my target is to get Derrek into the house today.

Picking up from: Chip's engine roared over the line and his siren whooped once. Chip's pickup could pass through the mud without a problem, he'd probably drift through.


Session 1 - Time: 70m - Words: 1070
No timer - Discovery

"See ya in a bit." His car revved.
"Chip, no shooting!" Derrek yelled over the line. There was only the hum of the engine. He was still there. "You're still suspended, you're a civilian now."
"I have my rights." Chip said.
"You do. But you cannot come in here guns blazing. I'd have to take you in myself." Derrek received a grunt from the other end. "Thank you for coming, but please, these are just kids. Don't shoot them." Ashley sat still, staring at Derrek.
"What if they shoot at me?"
"Fire once in the air."
"That's bullshit, man. Why did you even call me then?"
"I'm all alone here. I cannot do this alone, but I don't want to ruin some kid's future for a prank." Another grunt came. "If you act rationally, this could help you get back in service sooner."
"Don't turn this on me. I know it won't help me either way… But I'll be there. See ya in a bit."
This time the line beeped.
"Why was he suspended?" Ashley asked, Derrek moved back to her.
"He fired a bit too soon."
Her eyes grew wider. "You called a suspended trigger-happy cop?"
"He's okay, as long as he knows what he's getting into. He just doesn't like getting spooked. Be happy it was me here today instead of him. Would have been a totally different experience for you guys.. Good thing he's a bad shot."
"So, he's not bringing any guns?"
"Oh, he is. He has more guns in his car than you have shoes in your closet. Trust me, I tried sitting in his car. But he won't go there. He knows he'd get in even more trouble."
Derrek leaned onto a crate beside Ashley, his hand caught something sharp metal, and a plastic piece. He picked it up, a key with a red plastic tractor attached to it. Huh. Seems like someone forgot something. I could use this, to get to the house. He imagined himself getting on the tractor, starting it, and getting shot in the seat. Hmm, ok, that won't work. Still worth checking out.
"Ashley, if Warren returns here, tell him not to engage with Chip." Derrek didn't wait for a reply, he moved back down the ladder. He checked outside the door, no Warren as far as he could see. He ran quickly out the door and past the corner to the back, without glancing at the house.
No shot came. He trodded back toward the other side and got Peter's phone outside his satchel. Let's update the group, could use that distraction as well. He started typing in the Farmoween thread.
Hi, cop here. Reinforcements on the way, sit tight! Derrek walked on until the edge of the barn. He peeked out and saw Yves ready at the window, trained at his spot. He'd seen him leave and expected him there, but he couldn't see him yet. Derrek hit send.
After a few seconds a tiny light reflected in the window. He's checking his phone, let's hope that light's enough. Derrek moved in a crouch toward the tractor. Still, no shots.
He passed the metal shears of death and got behind the green tractor. Its front was toward the barn, he couldn't go driving it toward the house without turning it around first. The light in the window went out. Crap, let's hope his night vision takes a few more seconds.
Derrek got up the tractor, but didn't take the seat. He kept low, covering behind the seat. He saw the ignition and some buttons. The floodlights. I could use them to blind him, again. He looked up and saw two floodlights attached to the frame of the tractor. Both had a handle to move the light, it seemed like it could move around. Now or never.
Derrek broke his cover and pulled the handle. No shot. It was heavy but with some wriggling he was able to turn it toward the house. He ducked back to grab the key.
A shot came. His breath caught in his throat. He still couldn't hear if it was a blank or not. Come on, just need to get the keys in. He fumbled for the key in his satchel, hands shaking. Damn, really hope it's blanks, or he'll hit me for sure. Derrek wanted to move but his body didn't. He heard Ashley's words through his head. They wouldn't hurt him, just scare him. But still, he couldn't do it. Then, he heard his own words to Chip. Yes, they're also scared.
He got out his own gun, his real one. He aimed past the house, made sure he could see the barrel from the window and fired. The barrel moved inside and he heard a shout coming from inside. Go! His mind shouted at him.
He holstered his gun, pushed in the key and turned. The engine started up. Only then did he see it was out its gear, would have been another disaster otherwise.
The floodlights also ignited. The barn lit up in front of him, the house to the back. His aim was a bit off but he adjusted it quickly so it was fully on the window. There he saw the watcher, he had come up again with his gun, but had to hold his hand before his eyes for the light.
This was the first time Derrek really saw him clearly. Yves wore a dark cape with a hood over his head. His face still peeked out from under the hood, though now covered by hands.
Let there be light! Derrek smirked as he saw Yves struggle a few times to try and look either way. His flashlight was strong, but the floodlights were the real deal, like driving toward a low sun in winter.
He took another pot shot anyway. Barrel aimed toward the light. Derrek saw the aim was off, but he didn't see or hear any impacts. 80% sure it's blanks. But still…
Yves kept struggling to see, but retreated from the window. Better hurry up. Derrek jogged for the back door.

From the mowed fields, hidden in a stack of hay, a pair of eyes followed the cop as he entered the back door into the farmhouse. Beneath those eyes, a voice spoke onto a glass screen.
"He's in."


That marks the end of the outside! For me, this is the halfway point for the story. The inside will be hard to follow without a map. I have some thoughts to the layout, but it'll be good to have an overview. Tomorrow will be another week review, but maybe also a first drafts for the maps. I'm having a beer tasting day today, so cannot make any big promises!
The real writing for the inside will start on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!

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