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KC: The Farmhouse #20

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Derrek gets locked in the house. He has no choice but moving deeper. He's searching for the stairs as he knows Yves will probably come down. Speed versus subtlety.
I'll have him go through the laundry next.
So without further ado, picking up from: Mr pumpkin strode by with a glance at him. He grabbed the window handle, but stopped as only then he spotted the window was barred. My luck… But I'd do the same if I were living deep in the fields.


Session 1 - Time: 70m - Words: 1008
No timer - Discovery

He moved to the sink, which had the window above it. Mr pumpkin strode by with a glance at him. He grabbed the window handle, but stopped as only then he spotted the window was barred. My luck… But I'd do the same if I were living deep in the fields.
Warren flipped him off before turning and walking toward the tractor. Within a few seconds the tractor's floodlights and engine turned off. The world was thrown in complete darkness again as his eyes needed to adjust. With the engine's noise gone, Derrek now heard the old freezer hum behind him.
But that wasn't all. He heard very soft mumbling from his left, the kitchen's door. He edged toward it. What is that? Sounds like a single male going through the same verse. Doesn't sound English either. More like. A chill passed over his neck. Latin. Like a chant. No, no, no, I don't like the cultist tour. There's always some weird shit going on, and going too far.
He peered through the keyhole again. The scene was remained the same, but the additional chanting made the skulls and burning candles just a bit creepier. Way to set a scene. All right, not heading in there, yet. Being locked in here doesn't give me a lot of options. He turned toward the locked door. They still have easy access to get behind me. Can't go through any windows either so the door is their main access, or exit, too. Better take away that option for them too. Derrek looked around the pantry. He saw way less than before, his night vision was still recovering.
He felt through his pouch and found a small inside pocket. He got out the small round cap, tinted red and attached it on his flashlight. With intensity turned to the lowest setting, he clicked it on. A red glow lit up in front of him, like a bicycle's back light. Enough to see and maintain his natural night vision.
He didn't find any great options to block the door with. He found a sturdy broom, alas the door opened to the inside. A chair beneath the handle would be preferable yet not present. The racks with food were loose from the walls, moving these was near impossible without smashing at least half its contents. Damn, nothing useful here. Better check another room and backtrack.
Derrek checked the window once more. He could see the tractor now, no pumpkin around though. Hope he's back to check on Ashley. Could give me some extra time. He moved past the closed kitchen door, the chanting still ongoing, and passed the open doorway into the laundry room.

NEW CHAPTER - Laundry room

The red beam of light moved over the metal cubes. Directly in from of him were three machines, two with round glass doors and one with a metal rectangular one. The doors stood open halfway, all were empty and clean. Left of the machines was another window, closed and barred.
Beyond the corner, to his left, was the heating installation. Copper tubes ran back and forth, left and right, in and out the walls, to a vertical gas burner attached to the wall. It was a clean installation, only a few years old. Do they have gas coming this far? Or a reservoir in the ground somewhere probably.
Beside the burner, was a bigger round vat. From it, also a lot pipes went seemingly everywhere at random. The vat was pretty big, about a person's height and two times as wide. It had a thermometer at the top part. At the front's bottom was another hole in the vat with a metallic device inserted, cables ran from it. Huh, quite the installation they have here. No idea what most of that is. No electricity though, should keep my eye out for the breaker.
The vat ran to the end of the room, where another door was. That's not headed to the kitchen, better check it out. He shone his flashlight over the laundry room, but couldn't pick out anything else of interest. The right corner had another rack with supplies: washing bins and laundry baskets, all empty; wash pods and fabric softener; supplies for cleaning like a mops, brooms, buckets, detergents, 100 different kinds and sizes of rags —all 'necessary', a vacuum cleaner,… Nothing he could use right now.
Derrek moved toward the door at the other end. To his left he read 45 degrees celcius. The window to his right gave him a view over a small terrace, and the shed further back. The light was still on there. Wonder if Peter is still there. Would Warren have gone to free him too? Or would they have forgotten him, again?
As Derrek stood thinking, his mind gave him a sudden alert. Something was wrong with scene. Not the shed, the terrace. It was a paved-off circle with plants surrounding it, a few paths paved paths providing access. It had a round wooden table with 6 chairs around it, five of which were empty. The sixth had someone sitting in it, back toward the window. Derrek froze, making sure to keep his red flashlight aimed at the floor, as not to give himself away. Dear mother of— Almost missed that. What is he —or she— doing just sitting there? I totally missed the terrace from the shed, the light must have blinded me. Was that person already there then? I don't see a pumpkin-shaped head, but it does seem hooded. Can it be Yves already? Sprinted down the stairs and then sit there. Dina? But why? Just sitting there?
Derrek stood watching his mouth agape, the silent chanting still coming from the kitchen wasn't helping with his feeling of unease. He turned off his flashlight and got closer to the window. The sitting person was a good five metres from the window, even in darkness the shape was visible. It just sat there. Unmoving. Derrek looked to its left and saw the path heading toward a large glass window at the bottom left part of the J-shaped house. That looks like a sliding window. Should reach it if I continue deeper this way.


I notice once again I'm getting lost in the details of the room. I'm not really sure if this makes it more vivid for the imagination or if this is just plain boring. I could even take it a notch further (wall color, lights, switches,…) but I think that's too much. Am I missing something crucial? All feedback on that is appreciated!
These are small rooms with no special events. I wasn't even expecting the locked door trigger or terrace to happen here. I hope they break the monotony a bit.
Tomorrow Derrek will probably pass through the next door, into the hallway, with yes, bingo, the stairs. I don't think I'll put a scare here but rather some scene setting. The hallway is a pivotal part of any home, providing passage to all parts. That's something which I want to center on here. I want to give him choices: Check the chanting in the kitchen? Head upstairs? Head downstairs… oh yeah..? Check the room where a door just opened? Check the terrace?
More on that tomorrow. See you then!

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