34 - The Farmhouse

33 - 65 Dry Hollow Road 35 - Epilogue - 13b Linden Avenue
Derrek stepped through the front door, the lights in the hallway and kitchen were still on. He went through the hallway and the kitchen into the pantry. He felt the handle of the backdoor. Unlocked, Warren probably left it unlocked when he came in. Uh, square or round? Ten seconds ago and already slipped my mind.
He tried square first, the key clinked against the metal, it wouldn't fit for a mile. The round one slipped in easily and he closed it off. He moved back through the kitchen, hand on the lightswitch, when he noticed the red marks Dina had left behind on the floor and on a chair's seat. Remains from the red goo where she'd fallen in after the pepper spray. The candles on the table were already blown out. That's gonna be a mess to clean up. Good thing that won't be my work. He flicked the switch.
The door to the dining room was still open. The table still a bit lit up from the hallway. He closed the door.
Back in the hallway, he went into the bathroom. His bladder was acting up, mostly ignored throughout the evening, it was full to the brim now. He flicked the light switch, grabbed the toilet lid, pulled it open and—
He threw himself backward, hitting the sink behind him. My god, that's so lame. Still, it got me. He released a nervous laugh and relieved himself. After completion, he turned for the sink, but turned back with a grin to close the lid again. Probably catch someone tomorrow too.
Derrek turned off the light in the bathroom and hallway, got out the front door, found the square key and locked the door behind him.

The truck with the teens stood waiting as the cop walked toward it. The cop was looking around left and right, giving the fields a last uneasy glance. The noise from the truck's heavy engine swallowed the camera's clicking noises as the shutter opened and closed in rapid succession. The cop stepped hesitantly into the truck's passenger door. The wheels slipped a bit through the mud, but gained traction as it went over the muddy road.
The farmhouse and the fields around it remained dark. Except for a new light. In the corn field, a covered face lit up from a camera's screen. The screen scrolled through multiple pictures of the cop from a few seconds ago. The cop's silhouette was clearly visible in different shades of green. Where the cop held the flashlight in front of him, the pictures were a big smudge of white. The buttons went left and right, scrolling, up and down, zooming, until the screen stopped on a picture. Zooming again. The cop had his head turned to the other side, looking toward the other side of the fields. His neck showed a faint black spot.
The face turned into a satisfied grin. The person put the camera away and started walking toward the farmhouse. He pulled out a square key and brought a black walkie-talkie to his mouth.
"Mark confirmed, Derrek Kane is the new target."

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