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W49 review & W50 plan

11-12-2022 - 1 year ago - 2m 9s

Week 49 - Review

This week had a big disturbance, as sparks in my power box. This had me distracted and also worried for a few days. At last everything got fixed and there's heat and power again in the house. I didn't get to writing with all that going on. Good thing there was a marathon session. I'm glad the week is over so I can start with a clean slate.
My new at-home course about anxiety coaching also arrived and I've made some nice progress. There's a lot of overlap with the burn-out coaching until this point, but repetition is never bad.

Week 50 - Plan

Rounding up The Farmhouse

I'm pretty sure I can wrap up The Farmhouse this week. I won't reach 40K, it'll be more like 35K, which is totally fine for me. Some parts will have to be revised and maybe it could be a good thing to get it even shorter so you could read it in one sitting. A bit like a movie, I'm not sure that works for reading though… We'll see after revisions, which I will postpone for a few weeks so I can decouple from the story for a time.

What comes after?

My writing habit is getting ingrained pretty well. I don't want to break that by doing nothing for a few weeks. But I'm not sure what to take on next. The options I have open for now:

  • Reboot Dawn of Revolution.I wrote a lot on this in Januari 2021, almost 2 years ago. I got to 35K words in a few weeks, but haven't touched it since. This is a story that keeps gnawing on me, mostly because it is unfinished. This was the first part of a three-part story. A low-fantasy story set in the current day and age: people with abilities hunted by a dark worldwide organisation.

  • New fantasy story. Swords of Amity is still way too vague for me, but I have another idea which is more concrete. This would build further on the magic system I'm testing in the homebrew RPG I've been running for some time now.

  • Enlightened worldbuilding. Some more global word-building on the same homebrew RPG world I want to write in. I'd like to make this pretty extensive, crossing over a few planets even. Setting basic rules is important here, but of course contains full on spoilers for every story. Not sure if I should make this public… though, input early on can help filter out issues…

What do you think? I'd love to hear what you'd like to see/read.

Course investment

I'm going to put a lot of time into the anxiety course. I'd like to get through it this year still. In Januari I want to work again so I'll have a lot less time. Once the course material is through, I have to do a practical test, which includes filming myself.. Yay. Bye-bye comfort zone.
If you'd like to hear more about the course, let me know. I've been thinking of writing about it, and the previous course, in a blog format or even do free group sessions with some people. Anything to get a fresh angle on the material.
Interested or any good ideas? Shoot!

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