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Yesterday, I missed a piece of dialog which confirms Jocelyn is alone at her home. I'll add that in real quick here, the order is not that important, but it happens before Derrek returns to his car. I added the sentence before and after for a bit of context:

Missing piece of dialog - 42 words

The woman saw his expression, she leaned a bit to the right to look past him at his car.
"Yes,-" Derrek began, "I'm not getting through with that one." Derrek looked past the woman, "Anyone else who could've seen or heard anything?"
"No, it's just me these days. My cat, Kinshasa, doesn't bother with anything else but mice." Isn't that a land somewhere? Could have sworn— Derrek blinked away his thoughts.

"How far do you think it is down to the farm?"

I also revised the inventory, so I'll start out with the last part after popping the trunk. Also important, he won't be carrying them in a backpack so I'm giving him a hip satchel . He'll wear this on the left, opposite his holster. This limits what he can carry.
Last but not least, I expect his first steps into 'the playground' this session. This means, I've only prepared some things that could happen, but they aren't outlined in a specific order. This will be (mostly) discovery writing.
Yesterday I also watched some video courses from Brandon Sanderson, specifically about
plot. I learned that setting a clear promise of what's to come is key to having readers involved. It surprised me this already got lost on me as I was preparing myself for the scares. So I'm putting up a note on my desk with the current goal/promise as a reminder. For now that's: What's the scream.
Without further ado:


Session 1 - Time: 25m - Words: 509

All right, Derrek, what do you need? I can't come back to my car in a rush so I'd better prepare for anything. He took out his hip pouch first and started attaching it to his left leg and belt, opposite his holster. Heavy duty boots are already on, better take my bulletproof vest as well… you never know. He took out the vest and pulled it over his head, attached it around his waist and put in some batteries in the front pocket. Batteries and my extra flashlight can't hurt either. Oh, and I don't want the scene of having no reception in the middle of nowhere. He grabbed the thicker satellite phone and put it down the hip pouch, making sure the front clip remained closed so it wouldn't start any hip calls. He took a look toward the fields ahead of him. The sun was already down, but it wasn't fully dark yet. However, it wouldn't take long now.
Fields have a lot of fences, better take my wire cutters as well. If I take these, screwdrivers can't miss either. He took out a big and small flat screwdriver and put them with the wire cutters, down his pouch. It was already getting filled up. Screams are normally caused by something, or someone… or someones. Better take some precautions there too. Wild animals are scary but wild people are worse. Would be a perfect scenario for a chainsaw man. A shiver ran over his shoulder and he released a strained laugh. Yeah sure, scare yourself up. Great going, Derrek. Possibly a living scarecrow as well? Pumpkin King? Meanwhile, he attached his holstered gun with rubber bullets to his belt as well. He moved his real gun a bit more to the back so he'd take his rubber gun first in reaction. This kind of weapon wasn't allowed, they could have a taser gun but those only had one real shot and no range at all. The rubber gun needed a pressure charge —he put one into the gun and added two to his vest pouches. It fired rubber bullets at a pretty far range, though not as accurate as a real gun. He loaded the gun with 10 bullets and added another 20 into his vest pouches. Hitting someone with these wouldn't knock them, but it hurt like hell.
He took his hand taser out of the trunk as well. Not allowed either but effective in close range. Damn, won't fit in my pouch. But the pepper will. He took out the pepper spray, which was allowed, and added it — with an extra charge— to his pouch. That'll be all I can fit I guess. The flares could always come in handy but they're a bit too bulky on my belt. He put his hand on the top of the trunk, gave its contents another quick glance and slammed it shut. He closed his car and put the keys deep down his left pants pocket, beneath his nose-rag. No one will put his hands on that.

Session 2 - Time: 25m - Words: 488
Outline + Discovery

Derrek looked at Jocelyn's house, she was still there in the door opening. Damn, even she's worried. Act though, Derrek. He put up his hand at her and started walking toward the road heading up to the farm.
This is going to be a long night.

The cop was at the start of the farm road, keeping to the side of the mud pools. Jocelyn was worried for the man.
"Hope he gets back in one piece." Jocelyn said to the wind. She turned back inside and closed the door behind her. She walked back to her television, sat down beside the window and pulled the curtain aside. She saw the cop walking toward the farmhouse. Had Derrek turned, he could have seen the lighted room with the curtain pulled aside and the old woman's face looking at him. On the first floor, he would also have seen another curtain pulled aside, hiding another set of eyes.
But he didn't look back.

NEW CHAPTER - Farmroad

Mud everywhere. On normal mud roads, you could always find some sturdy patch, but the farming machines had made them all juicy. Derrek's boots were already covered all over and he only passed the first bend. He was surrounded by fields on both side. I could pass through them, the ground will be better there, but I'll lose my sight. Better just take it slowly. He pulled his phone from his pocket. Better call in my progress or he'll think I'm slacking around.
"Chief Tambell speaking." His phone said.
"Chief, this is Derrek. Ju—"
"Are you on site yet?"
"Yes, spoke to the neighbor and no—"
"Everything fixed? Head back over then." Man, this guy is so rude. How come this guy could ever become our chief. Someone must have liked him, but I couldn't guess who.
"No, the road is full of mud. I'm heading over on foot to check the screams." The line went silent for a few seconds.
"So, you're just calling to pass your time? Son," The Chief sighed, "I've got a mess to clean up here. Call me when you've got something solid or even better, don't call and get your ass back here ASAP." Derrek wanted to reply but he heard beeping from the line. He stopped in his tracks. Why the hell do I work for that guy, he doesn't care what's happening here. I should just— but as if on cue, his thoughts were broken by another scream. This one already way closer, louder and creepier than the one before. Girl, definitely. And yeah, that's why you're here man. Not for your chief, for that girl screaming for help. Though she isn't screaming for help, just screaming. He increased his pace, set down his foot on a seemingly solid ground and got splashed by mud over his pants. Great.
It took him a good seven minutes before he could see the farmhouse. He

Session 3 - Time: 25m - Words: 436

He saw it after passing another two bends in the road. With the last light he could still pick up some details. The house itself was as he expected. Big three story older wooden farmhouse with a front porch. To the right he saw another building, topping the fields only barely. Also wood with a rounded roof. Probably a storage space. Silo? Shed? What is it called?
The corn fields to his sides were still high and full. He couldn't see anything through them. He kept his eyes and ears open though as he checked both left and right constantly. Weird how you can feel claustrophobic outside in the fields.
There was no activity anywhere, no lights, no cards, no sounds except for some birds, and no more screams since the last one. I can't go waiting until I hear another one, better check out the house. He kept to the road and came into the opening with the house and shed. Nothing out of order here, the house had its door and windows closed, no lights on. The shed was also closed up, with a big chain around the front gate. The ground was juiciest at the gate, with some of it heading his way but most of the tracks went to the back. Here, he saw the fields beyond too, those had been cleared for the most part.
To the left of the house, an empty livestock pen stood. The wood was worn down, and the gate hung loose. Seems like they gave up on that. Probably had some chicken in there.. Or pigs. That's a few horror scenarios gone then.
He stepped toward the house slowly, listening for any sounds. Nothing came. He put up his foot but saw the gigantic ball of mud attached to it. Unlikely anyone else came in this way, should have made some stains. Doesn't mean I have to go and mess up a perfectly clean porch. He went to the grass surrounding the porch and tried his best leaving as much mud behind as possible. Damn, still gonna stain everything… I tried. he thought as he started making muddy footprints on the porch. The wood creaked as he walked to the door. He stopped and listened again for any activity inside, even putting his ear to the door. Quiet as a mouse. No other option than ringing.
He pushed the tiny button and heard some tinkly bells going off inside. He kept his ear to the door but no other sounds came. Wasn't really expecting anyone to come open up but still.. He went toward the window


Bit of a slowdown at the ending there, I got stuck in a few places searching for the right words. Discovery writing is a lot tougher. For now, I want a very normal scene before freaking Derrek out. Getting some descriptions in now, while he has time to take a proper look. I drew a map for myself for the layout, possibly I'll share this tomorrow.
Mostly I'm wondering if the last part of chapter 2 got creepy? Was the perspective switch confusing this way?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Tomorrow I'll be opening the playground, I hope you (and me) are ready for it! See you then.

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