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W46 review and W47 plan

20-11-2022 - 1 year ago - 2m 5s

Week 46 - Review

The story is at 14K words today, right on schedule for 1K words a day. Discovery writing is growing on me as well. I didn't feel confident with the progress I had to make this week. I was expecting to come up with blanks for some pieces. The daily prep helped with that, but ideas also came organically. Some parts became different from my prep once I started writing them. I didn't expect to put Derrek through mortal danger in this story. It happened.
There's one part, Derrek NOT spotting the tractor from the barn, which I have to revise thoroughly. Beyond that, it's going to be cleanup. I'm still keeping away from any revisions just yet, but I write them all down for once I get to it.

Week 47 - Plan

Writing method

I'm still surprised my 'messy' writing session went well. For this week I want to introduce some more of these. Some things I want to try this week:
  • Without timer (only tracking) - Monday
  • Marathon sessions - Wednesday or Saturday
  • Write in a cafe - Friday

Session length feels good at 30 minutes. I'm going to see how the session without a timer goes, otherwise I'll mix it up again.


I've been thinking about a cover for the story. There's a small picture in the story which I added for inspiration, but it's really vague. I'm going to do some research into cover design this week and check some options for freelance cover designers. I don't want something costly, just something that's a better fit. Everyone judges a book/story by their cover.
I have a pretty clear idea what I want it to look like: the path through the fields heading toward the farmhouse. Derrek is walking the path, with his back to the viewer, flashlight in hand. A scarecrow peeks from somewhere in the field, a tractor from beyond the farmhouse, and a shadow standing on top of the farmhouse. More on that 'project' through the week!


Derrek just arrived in the chicken/pig shed with pigman. This is going to be an easy one. I expect this to be one/two writing sessions. I'm not sure where he's going to detain pigman, but we'll see what Derrek comes up with.
After that, I want to give the one on the roof some action. Derrek's location will be obvious once he catches the pigman, so he'll be bolder in showing himself, thinking the watcher is only watching.. He isn't. Derrek will want to check out the barn for Warren, but get surprised by the watcher on his way over. This event will be the shift for him to really call in help. He'll try with the chief, get blocked again, and then he'll call in the cavalry; Chip.
I hope to get Derrek to the barn after that to check on Ashley. Once those things are done, the outside should be done. He'll head into the farmhouse. But that won't be for this week. I expect week 48-49 will transition to the inside.

Thanks for following along and have a nice week!

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