19 - Hallway

18 - Basement 20 - Kitchen
nope, nope, nope. He stumbled out the basement, closed the door and threw his back against it. Heart racing, eyes wide, breath shallow he stood there recovering for some time. Seriously, you knew this was coming. Damn mannequins, who has that in their home?! Why would you do that to yourself? The lights, almost forgot, that means someone is in there. Well. Let them sit there. I'll just block this door too. Let 'em rot.
Derrek, its still a teen, you know how—.
I don't give a rat's ass. Basement, sure. But mannequins? No, that's a bridge too far. What's next? Big-ass spider from Harry Potter, sure, hit me up. I'll just go and bury myself outside then, bye!

It took some time to calm his racing mind. The ever-ongoing chanting from the kitchen wasn't helping. He looked at that door. Pretty sure that's a tape recording. Still need a chair, well two now, three for the front door too maybe. He turned his head to the right, to the sickle. Throwing it that way from the basement is awkward, you'd have to throw it behind the edge. I would have heard the door for sure then. So I'm guessing it's Yves or the screamer down there, odds are highest for the screamer. Derrek checked his watch, Chip was still some ten minutes out. He'd be a welcome distraction now. I can just wait here. Till he arrives. Huddled up against the basement door. Safe and sound.
A scream came from the basement, high and shrill, piercing the door as if she was right behind it, pushing Derrek's heart to skip a beat again. Dear mother of god! Yeah, no sitting around, I get it. Derrek got up, plucked the red cap from his flashlight, pushed the brightness to max, drew his rubber gun, opened the door and blasted it with a torment of light. He had expected someone to be there, having no one was kind of a let down, but also a relief. He was half expecting the mannequin to be there.
He shone his light down the stairs, also empty, he edged to go in. Really? Heading in? It's what they want. Just lock her up.
"Stay!" he shouted down the stairs, adrenaline bursting. He closed the door again, harder than he wanted, and went for the kitchen door. He opened the handle, pushed the door inward.

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