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KC: The Farmhouse #7

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We left off last time in the barn where Derrek is going through a few scares simultaneously. I expect most to get resolved today, maybe even close to the capture of the first teen. It's going to be a long chapter.
I'll be trying longer sessions today, 30 and possibly 35 minutes. Let's see how it goes!


Session 1 - Time: 30m - Words: 554

Derrek focused his flashlight on the shirt again. His heart beat fast in his chest.
It wasn't only flies, worms were there too. They wriggled around inside, over and beside the shirt. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of them, fighting with the flies for their piece.
A mold stood out on the pieces skin, which had been pierced in multiple spots but not eaten. The red and green skins. Apples? And an orange too there.
His light went further over the shirt. It was only a shirt, filled with several *Look for right word* delicatesses for the little buggers here. These guys are having a feast here and I'm almost shitting my pants. Had me for a moment there. There doesn't seem to be anything else in there, just a distraction. He checked the pen for anything beyond the shirt but there were only some barrels.
Another giggle came from behind him, it still chilled him a bit but the fruity body had taken the edge off. He turned around and went further down the hall, to the last pen on the right.
The gate was in front of him too, the one chained together from the front. He checked the left pen first, but only saw some nicely stacked timber.
The pen to the right was open, the gate removed. His light caught on a lot of metal scrap as he came to the front of it. Metal pipes, the pen's gate itself, rainpipes, broken tools,… all stacked in a haphazard way. That's impossible to hide in. There doesn't seem to be any holes in the walls. Nothing beneath it either. Where the hell is she?
His light went to the pipes stacked at the back of the pen, against the wall. He kept going up with his light and saw one of the pipes going up through the ceiling. The light followed the pipe back down again. It wasn't supported by the ground, it was fixed to the ceiling. There was a bend with an opening to the front. She's above me, using to pipe to echo her voice down below. He heard another giggle, not from his pen, from the back of the barn.
Derrek turned and shone his light down the hall. He expected the white dress to stand there in the middle of the hall. He got worse. From the ceiling, a head was staring at him upside down. Face white as a ghost, with a wicked grin. The girl's long black haired were pulled down by gravity, making the whole sight even worse. Derrek tensed up fully and released a not-so-manly "Dear mother of.".
The head whipped up again and he only barely heard some muffled footsteps coming from above. Derrek sighed. You had to become a cop. Wait, is she moving things around up there. She must be trying to get out. There were some boxes being moved about. Derrek forced himself through his shock and ran down the hall. At the ladder, he shone up his flashlight first but he could hear her scrambling around at the back of the level. He got up the rungs.
Upstairs was a very sturdy wooden level. It mostly contained more crates but it had been renewed recently, not a creaking plank to be found. That's why I didn't hear her

Session 2 - Time: 30m - Words: 473

There was enough headspace in the middle, with the roof slanting on both sides. The sound came from the back end, behind some crates. Something wasn't budging. Derrek moved toward it, flashlight and rubber gun at the ready. She was exerting some noises like heaving weights.
He found her on her knees, pulling away a crate in front of a small window. It was stuck behind a metal pipe, probably the one coming out down below. That seems fitting.
She stopped as the light shone on her, breathing heavily, but trying to keep quiet. She started turning her head with a low growl. Derrek wasn't having it, the things happening until this point had already pushed him far but in reality, she still scared him in her white dress and loose hair. The sight was ghastly, even here on her knees, very humanly stuck by the material plane. She turned further, the moment they made eye contact, Derrek fired a rubber pellet at her legs.
Her attempt to act scary, turned whiny in a wimp. "You shot me!" She said, dropping to her butt and rubbing her leg, searching for a wound.
"It was only a rubber." Derrek said. She looked at him with confused eyes, a tear visible in one of them. "Not so scary now, are you? It's illegal to pester an officer on duty. Get your hands in front of you." He pointed his gun to her hands. Her eyes turned wider, she didn't think this part through.
"It was just some fun, we didn't harm you."
"What's fun for you, isn't so for everyone else. Hands." She sat watching him a while longer, but slowly held out her hands. Derrek laid down his flashlight on one of the barrels, beam straight in her eyes. He holstered the gun and took his handcuffs out of the pouch. He only had a single set with him.
He approached her with the cuffs and her eyes grew even wider. She really hadn't expected that.
Metal chains clinked from the back of the barn. Both gasped for a fraction of a second and the girl took her chance. She slapped the cuffs, making Derrek drop them, and slipped between some crates.
"Damn it, stop!" Derrek shouted. The girl wasn't replying except for some hurried gasping as she wiggled through the crates. She got out between them and wanted hurry toward the ladder, but Derrek hadn't waited around. She lit up in his flashlight and he squeezed the trigger two more time.
One rubber caught her just beneath her left shoulder, the other on her right butt cheek.
"Aah!" She gasped, throwing herself to the ground. "Aaww, you shot me in the butt. You assho—!" she started, but her breath left her as Derrek put his hand on her shoulder and kept her down.


30 minutes sessions worked fine. The girl slipping by was unexpected for me too, it's a bit of a cliché but I think her getting shot again fixes that (or I hope so). When she shouted from the first shot, it would be heard all over the farm, so it seemed normal someone would try to come to her aid. More on that tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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