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Derrek learned little yesterday except for 3 names, but he's not done questioning yet. And he gained a phone. Without access, he cannot get the entire picture, but he's able to read along the last messages from the lock screen. This will tell him more than Ashley will.
Picking up from the question: "Farmoween? You know we can inspect your devices fully once we bring you in?".


Session 1 - Time: 30m - Words: 460

She looked around uncomfortably, she didn't answer. The phone buzzed again.
7 unread - Farmoween - Yves: scream.
Ashley watched Derrek intently, unknown to her what he was reading. About 5 seconds after the text, a scream came. He heard it from the barn's front. She's probably in the house. Good to know that's not someone in danger. Just one of them, which makes 4 already, unless Yves is a girl's name. It read more like a command so I'm guessing Yves is the one keeping the lookout, and walking the roof; Warren is pumpkin man, running around outside; and one girl, the screamer.
"What's the screamer's name?" Derrek asked.
"What screams?" My god, she's like a toddler covered in pie, saying they didn't eat it. Is there something I can ask so she'll spill something she didn't want to? He thought about it when another message came in.
8 unread - Farmoween - Warren: ASH CAUGHT, SILENCE
Damn, kids have some brain on them. Ashley was watching him again. Can't let her know though. Derrek smirked and let out a laugh as if he just watched a cat video.
"What?" She asked. Derrek looked at her as if he forgot she was there. "What did they say?" FOMO, you're the curse of this age, but for once, you're a blessing.
She kept watching him expectantly.
"Some friends you got there." He grinned and walked to the ladder. He heard her shuffling impatiently. "Yves is the one on the roof right? Calling the shots?" He said, turning back to her. She looked confused for a bit. He saw she was ready to act like she didn't know any Yves again but interjected. "I sure hope he's not your boyfriend. Warren wanted to help you, but Yves is just a dick it seems." Her mouth fell open a bit, terror creeping into her eyes. He stepped closer to her again. "Letting a girl take the blame like that. Chivalry truly has gone." She was unable to maintain eye contact.
"No, that's not— We knew—" she was thinking out loud. Good, come on, spill the beans. As a cherry on the pie, they heard a door creak from the front of the barn, probably the house.
"Ah, that'll be them leaving." Her eyes grew wider and her breathing increased, going into full panic. Derrek acted as if he wanted to move toward the ladder. "Hmm, I could try to catch them. But I already have you locked up here. Runners or a sure catch. I think my chief would like me to bring someone in. So I'll just call it in and wait with you here."
She looked about from the front of the barn to Derrek. "No, they wouldn't." She said, panic trembling her voice.

Session 2 - Time: 30m - Words: 710

Her breath gained pace, but it halted suddenly. A memory seemed to come to her.
"Nice try." She let out a trembling laugh, it had gotten to her but Derrek was missing something. But what. Someone came outside probably, could be that Yves guy, however, they wouldn't give away their vantage. Could be pumpkin heading inside? He checked the phone again but no new messages, they were smarter than that. I can't wait around for them to set up, I need to get a visual. He pocketed the phone.
"Hey, I want that back." She said.
"At the station. Now, let's see." Derrek scanned the crates and its surroundings. He didn't find anything good to lock her against. He eyed the ladder for a seconds. In his mind's eye, he could see the young girl trying to climb the ladder, falling and hanging there with her arm on a handcuff. That'd hurt like a bitch. She doesn't deserve that. The girl was following his eyes.
"You can just leave me here, I won't go anywhere. I can't climb the ladder like you said." She tried, engaging subtle puppy eyes in the process. Thing is, that only works with puppies.. Or dogs in general, even the grown ones can pull it off if they really want the piece of meat you're snacking from the fridge.
Derrek was aware he would have to leave her alone, with probably one of the youths coming in to help her as soon as he left. Can't make it easy for them. He choose one of the vertical wooden beams holding up the roof. He helped her up, moved, clicked one cuff loose and held her tight with the other.
"No no no," she said as they approached the beam, "I'll get splinters. It's only a soft fabric." He eyed the fabric, and he couldn't deny it. The beam was rough, her dress way too light. He checked about and found one dusty old stinky blanket. She saw him moving toward it.
"Ehk, I'll take the splinters, no no no, there have been mice in that thing. Oh, it smells like mice even… Please no. Eeeeehk" She said as Derrek clicked her cuff shut around the beam wickled in mouse blanket. He got up and released his breath, it did stink a lot. She kept moaning, pulling the arrogant brat on him.
"Now, I'll offer this only once. Help me out here by staying quiet and I'll help you out later." He pointed at her phone in his pouch. "I've got your phone with me so even if they come take you out of here, we'll have enough to track you down. The others may be getting of this, but you aren't." Derrek took out his own phone and snapped a picture of her.
"Hey!" She snapped, her face in confusion.
"And I've got your face on my phone now too. That's synced to the cloud by now, if I die, you'll face will be linked to it. Macabre, I know, but you never know." Her eyebrows rose. She wanted to say anything but Derrek interrupted her again, "No, quiet, and I'll remember." He said, his face grave. That seemed to bring some focus to her too. She understood he was serious. She gave the tiniest of nods. Good girl.
Derrek picked up flashlight and moved to the front of the barn, still on the platform. He eyed the box she was trying to move. Behind it, he could see the tiny window. I can probably fit through. Can't announce myself with my light though. He turned off his flashlight, which made the girl shudder from further down. He blinked a few times, trying to speed up his night vision… alas it didn't work that way.
Blind, he tried to move the box slowly. Once he wriggled it free from the pipe, it moved easily. A bit of starlight shone in through the window, no other lights. Enough to see the handle. He turned the handle halfway, tested it, it was the right angle to open it wide. It was also pretty new, so it did't creak. He stuck out his head and looked around. From here, he saw the backside of the farm, with the mown field.


Lost a bit of time in that first session to come up with questions. I'll think about it further today too if I come up with something good. I'm fine with these questions for now. He gained some information, and well, I cannot spoil everything this soon.
Derrek still has to call in with his Chief, though, doing this in front of the girl would give her too much information and he needs his momentum now that he heard the door from the house.
The next scare I want to do is the one with the tractor. I'll use the mown field for this. The call has to go in before that, so I need a small pause station in between. Possibly the orchard again. I'll think about it.
See you!

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