22 - Kitchen

21 - Hallway 23 - Dining Room
Derrek entered the kitchen with a huff, his breath and heart pumping him onward. His eyes took in the room quickly, no teen. He took two quick steps into the cooking area, to the pantry. But the door was still closed.
He heard a soft whistle from behind him and spun around. Yves hadn't gone for the pantry, he had turned right immediately in the kitchen. The door to the unknown room was wide open and in that room Yves stood looking at him. His chest also heaving. The candles from the kitchen cast a soft light on him, he wore a black cape, hood draped in front of his face. His hand was on the other door's handle, back to the hallway.
Didn't even check there, why head back? He could— Derrek's thoughts rushed through him, but Yves was moving again, opening the door. Oh no, you don't. Derrek raised his rubber gun and shot as the back of the robe went through the door. He heard a rather satisfying grunt come from the youth, but the cape moved beyond. Derrek rushed forward, his eyes flicked to the right, to the kitchen's door to the hallway. Around? His eyes flicked back and caught on something in the unknown room. Quick check. He thought to himself as he rushed into that room.

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