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W47 review, W48 prep

27-11-2022 - 1 year ago - 1m 49s

Week 47 - Review

Small milestone reached: KC The Farmhouse's first draft is halfway! The word count is just over 20K now, that would make for a 40K total. I did this over 18 writing sessions, pushing this forward at the same rate would put the finished first draft around 18/12. Exciting! It would be nice to finish the writing this year, but I will not push it too hard. The habit that's forming now is way more important for me, not every day can deliver the same results. I'm thrilled with how these past 3 writing weeks went by.

Cover research

As promised last week, I also did some research into a cover. I found a lot of possibilities on sites like Fiverr. Prices are between 30-100 euro for something that's still generic. 200+ for any full customised content. The idea I have is pretty custom, so I'll leave this off for now. I'm going to dry to draw out a sketch myself first before I contact anyone about it.
I did some testing with AI generated content too, which was pretty cool, but also overwhelming. A lot of different tools, most of them paid or preview only. They can't replace a real custom design, but can be a great addition for inspiration. Midjourney is one of the most high-end tools I could find. I'm trying to get in the beta for that.

Week 48 - Plan

Writing method

The no-timer writing is working great! I noticed I always stop naturally around 60-70 minutes of writing, with 1k+ words, which is ideal for a single day's writing.
I didn't get to any marathon or public writing the past week, but I'll aim for that this week. Odds are I'll be working with some old colleagues this week, which seems perfect for a marathon session then.


Heading inside for the real fun! It tried making the outside a lot more action heavy, while I want inside to be more creepy and slow-paced. It's important I get the layout out first, otherwise this will be a very confusing experience for you and me both. Derrek will start with the ground floor this week, coming in from the back. I think I'll put the kitchen or living room in the back. I'd like to keep the rooms smaller and a lot of times with doors separating them instead of open hallways. This will be required for the chapter splitting. I cannot have too much going on in other rooms or I'll risk a very confusing read. If I have the layout, I plan to include this with each chapter so you can follow along. Even more perfect would be an arrow showing Derrek's route, but we'll see what's possible.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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