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Readable formats for KC: The Farmhouse

19-12-2022 - 1 year ago - 53s
It took a while, but I finally… finally got my manuscript converted into the more readable PDF, EPUB & MOBI formats!

How to get these?

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If you need some help with getting these set up for you, let me know. PDF should work on any device, EPUB for most ebook readers like Kobo,… and MOBI for Kindle. Not sure how those work, though, I don't own one, but I'll help you search.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to reach out if you read any of it, you can use the contact form, any social media, pigeon,... I'm still learning, only with feedback (good and bad) can I grow. And well, you could get listed in the official acknowledgments section later on..

Tomorrow I'll get to my TOFIX list for KC: The Farmhouse. See you then!

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