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Happy holidays & week review

25-12-2022 - 1 year ago - 1m 30s
Happy Christmas!

Week 51 review

I got in some solid work on Aegis #1, world-building and characters, but also lost time with all the holiday occasions, as was to be expected. So writing, not a lot of progress, but ideas are flowing!
I have worked little on my anxiety course either this week, but it's making progressing. Should be able to finish it next week.

Week 52 plan

I haven't decided which project to take on in full next week. Aegis is growing on me, but it may require some extra time. Dawn of Revolution (my 50% finished first draft from 2021) is gnawing, so I think that's where I'll be committing next week.
The Dawn of Revolution reread is still unfinished, that's still on top of my list. I also plan to create a visual timeline on a whiteboard to get everything mapped out. I'll need some tweaking to get all the characters enough of attention.

Shifting to weekly posts

These past 2 months were fun to post daily, it got me going to write something (almost) every day. It will still require some work to keep this up, but I'm positive I can keep it going this way. Next month I'll probably be having less time, so I'll be using the daily post creation time to write instead. This means I'll be shifting my posting to a once per week post instead of daily. I think it was also very hard for you, as a reader, to follow this daily. I expected it to be hard for me too to get the words daily, but I was surprised to always find words. Great discovery.
Next week I'll work a bit on revising the website for that change. If you're a subscriber to the daily mailing, I'll change that over to weekly.
I'll also do some changes to the story page, some projects I'm working on won't become fully available on my website. I've been researching this a bit and having something online already for a story can be a real bitch to getting it ever published. For The Farmhouse this is all fine, but I will try to get some of my next work to a publisher. Because, who knows?

Thanks for reading again and enjoy these festive days!

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