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KC: The Farmhouse map sketches

28-11-2022 - 1 year ago - 44s


Something different today. I took some time to sketch out the maps for the Farmhouse and its surroundings. It took more time than I expected, but it was fun to get this visual, though I suspect an actual farmer would cringe at the layout. My bad!
I used my iPad for the sketching, combined with a way too pricey Apple pencil and the app

Sketching - Time: 90m


Full overview of the farmhouse and its surroundings.
KC Farmhouse overview

Farmhouse - Ground level

KC Farmhouse overview


I lost myself in the details: filling rooms, drawing corn rows..
The barn feels odd on the map. In my head this worked better with its position relative to the house and the fields. But drawn out, it gets too small or too big really fast. Probably going to move it back and forth a bit. The big empty spot in the bottom is annoying. Could be useful to park cars maybe… We'll see.
The grounds need some extra filling like the orchard and the empty spots.
The other levels of the house and the barn will follow later this week.

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