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KC: The Farmhouse #22

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Early start, for today will be marathon day! I'll be doing untimed sessions with breaks in between. I'll post what I have at 12PM, but possibly continue writing beyond that.
The developments yesterday went well. The RSS feed for Goodreads was easy to set up, but Goodreads is only partially receiving. I'm going to wait a bit, it could sync in batches. The freebie mail was also added, as a subscriber, you should have received one. New subscribers will receive this after confirming their subscription. I was thinking of putting a day in between those mails, but I think it's fine for now. It felt weird to read the first chapter of Specters again, my fingers were itching to rewrite.. almost everything. But, I finished it then, so hands off. Way too easy to get lost in editing again.
Kane's Cases! Derrek is in the hallway, just before he has to make some choices of where to go next. Picking up from: To his right, in front of the stairs was a majestic double door. Made out of the same wood as the stairs, with the same style of ornamentations. Waw, that's epic.


Session 1 - Time: 67m - Words: 930
No timer + distractions - Discovery

Waw, that's epic. A piece of art on itself. The doors had animals shapes carved in it. A deer, bird, swine, and wolf he recognized. Derrek stood looking at it for some twenty seconds. Focus, Derrek. Sickle, where did it come from? Could it have been this awesome door? Derrek felt at the door handle, it took some weight to open and it creaked a bit, as he expected. No way, I would have heard that. He wanted to peek in but refrained, worried he'd be too distracted with what he would find. If they mess up any of the woodwork, they will have hell to pay.
He went to the front door. Could it have been this one? Nope, locked. That leaves this one. Let's see. Derrek took the handle from the third door, the lock clicked open and he pushed open the door.


Derrek set only a foot inside the room, shining his red light around it. Some cabinets separated the windows that looked out at the front porch. In the middle of the room was a corner desk, three chairs around it. It was clean, organized on it were some pens, a lamp, a stack of blank papers and some other basic desk tools. The left room also had some cabinets, some filled with binders tagged by year and month. Other cabinets had rows tagged with names and years, and books that looked like school books. Hailee, 3rd, 4th, 5th.. Kyle, Med 1, 2.. Huh, guessing that's from the children. They were studying in here too? That seems busy.. But also fun, working side-by-side this way. I need to remember that. Hadn't expected such accountancy for a farm either.
There weren't any scares hidden here either. Derrek left the door open as he strode further. In a swift motion he shone behind the door. Empty. He released a tiny held breath and moved further, shining behind every cabinet, beneath the desk, every nook and cranny, but he came up with nothing. Room seems untouched, no other connections outside except for the windows, which are barred again. Didn't go here. Derrek stepped back outside the room, closing the door behind him again.


Derrek looked at the other two doors, the one beneath the stairs and the one opposite it. He looked at the stairs too. One of those doors or upstairs, but upstairs I should have heard. It couldn't have been Yves with the sickle, he's been up there with that gun for the entire time. That leaves Warren, pigman, or the girl… Check my notes quickly… Dina, the screamer. Or Peter if he was freed. Or someone else entirely. Derrek sighed.
He went to the stairs and tested one of the step. No creak. He took the second and it gave a tiny squeak. He nodded to himself, scrapping the option. He got down again and went for the door beneath the stairs. The door almost seemed part of the stairs, only the handle and slight vertical lines gave it away as a door, hinges hidden. He grabbed the door handle and drew in a breath. Multiple actually. He felt focus coming over him, his ears wide open for any movement behind him. He didn't want to get pushed down. Here goes.
He opened the door, a waft basement smell welcomed him, maybe even some smell of moist. A shiver went through his spine as he saw a steep cement trap going down into darkness. No railing except for the wall to its right. Derrek shone his light inside and found a light switch to the left of the door. No way I'm stepping in a basement with only my flashlight. This already feels like a trap. He flicked the switch, some old lights came on with a flicked and a buzzing noise. Good old tubes.
From outside the door, he couldn't see into the basement itself, the right wall was solid as far as he could see. The basement didn't run beneath the part with the double doors. He had to get in to see more. Are you seriously heading into the basement? You know how this goes. You set down a few steps, BAM, door closes behind you. Crick, crack and you're locked in. Don't be that guy. But he itched to see just a bit more. To have an idea what's there. Just a peek. He stepped beyond his comfort zone, into the basement.

NEW CHAPTER - Basement
He ducked to peek a glance. Some plastic sheets covering things, tools, a workbench, and there, just peeking out from the back: A mannequin. Oh hell—
The light flashed out.
Nope, nope, nope,

nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. He stumbled out the basement, closed the door and threw his back against it. Heart racing, eyes wide, breath shallow he stood there recovering for some time. Seriously, you knew this was coming. Damn mannequins, who has that in their home?! Why would you do that to yourself? The lights, almost forgot, that means someone is in there. Well. Let them sit there. I'll just block this door too. Let 'em rot.
Derrek, its still a teen, you know how—.
I don't give a rat's ass. Basement, sure. But mannequins? No, that's a bridge too far. What's next? Big-ass spider from Harry Potter, sure, hit me up. I'll just go and bury myself outside then, bye!

Session 2 - Time: 56m - Words: 830

It took some time to calm his racing mind. The ever-ongoing chanting from the kitchen wasn't helping. He looked at that door. Pretty sure that's a tape recording. Still need a chair, well two now, three for the front door too maybe. He turned his head to the right, to the sickle. Throwing it that way from the basement is awkward, you'd have to throw it behind the edge. I would have heard the door for sure then. So I'm guessing it's Yves or the screamer down there, odds are highest for the screamer. Derrek checked his watch, Chip was still some ten minutes out. He'd be a welcome distraction now. I can just wait here. Till he arrives. Huddled up against the basement door. Safe and sound.
A scream came from the basement, high and shrill, piercing the door as if she was right behind it, pushing Derrek's heart to skip a beat again. Dear mother of god! Yeah, no sitting around, I get it. Derrek got up, plucked the red cap from his flashlight, pushed the brightness to max, drew his rubber gun, opened the door and blasted it with a torment of light. He had expected someone to be there, having no one was kind of a let down, but also a relief. He was half expecting the mannequin to be there.
He shone his light down the stairs, also empty, he edged to go in. Really? Heading in? It's what they want. Just lock her up.
"Stay!" he shouted down the stairs, adrenaline bursting. He closed the door again, harder than he wanted, and went for the kitchen door. He opened the handle, pushed the door inward.


Flashlight to max and rubber gun drawn, he stepped into the kitchen. The chanting instantly grew louder, tone unchanged. The table was the first thing he saw, which he had only glimpsed from the pantry's keyhole. it was a small table for four, two chairs each side. On the table's top, six long red candles were burning in two candelabras. Beneath those, skulls were on display, covered in red goo. The effect would have been gruesome if the smell of ketchup wasn't so hard, which Derrek hated. He let out a disgusted grunt and frowned his nose.
The room was bright enough with the candles, but Derrek still shone his flashlight over it where his eyes went. Behind the table, against the outer wall, was a closed older wooden cabinet, topped by a window looking outside. He made sure not to shine straight into the window, he'd already given himself away enough.
The beam went over the kitchen counter. It was a U-shaped kitchen, with one leg separating the table and the cooking area, the short part against the outer wall and the last leg, which was longer than the first, covering the Pantry's wall. Where the cabinet gave off an old classic style, the kitchen itself was modernized with some classical wooden touches. The dark wood of the stairs was exchanged for a lighter one with a visible wood grain.
The middle part had a cooking fire with a metallic suction above it. There was a pot on the fire, but Derrek continued his scan of the room. The sink was installed against the outer wall. Oven, microwave, and something fancy filled some holes in the cabinets against the wall with the pantry.
The fridge, a big American double-doored one, stood to his left, followed by some big metal bins. The pantry door, still closed, beside those.
His flashlight went over the room again. No teens. He shone to his right and saw another door. Almost missed it, that's the unknown room. Better check it out soon. Now, where's that chanting coming from.. On the table, inside one of the skeletons, he spotted a bright blue LED. He holstered his rubber gun. Ah, there we go. Ehk, damn ketchup. That's messy. Huh, little bluetooth speaker, no USB or cable. So someone is still casting to this right now. Can I use that?
He thought it over as his eyes fell on the pot again, there was a lid on it. The cooking fire, an electric one, had no lamps on. He sniffed the air, but only got the gory ketchup scent, making him frown all the same. He set down the speaker on the table again.
Focus, chair. He had kept the kitchen door from the hallway open, through it he saw the basement door remained closed. Derrek laid his flashlight on the table, beside the ketchup speaker, aimed at the hallway. He grabbed two of the chairs and walked toward the hallway. He stopped and blinked, put one chair against the open door of the kitchen, beneath the handle. Are you kidding me? Too short? He sighed deep and long and set the chairs back on their original spots.


Two longer sessions, not the fastest, but okay. I repaired some damage from the brief session at the beginning of the week. I'll do another one or two later today.
The chapter deluge has officially begun. I was expecting these to come at a faster pace once inside the house. I like the effect myself. It requires an action to push further, like opening a door together with Derrek, curious about what's beyond it. What do you think? Like it/hate it?
I haven't been able to put the choices in front of Derrek, having one thing after the other happen to him. I think I'll have him go into the unknown room first. Heads up for SPOILERS: The unknown room, or the dining room, is the most important one in the house. This is the one with the upside down ritual circle. The teens were to draw him in there and put him through a scare. As I still have 3/5 teens available now, this seems like the perfect moment for it, with one of them, Warren already in it.
You can read more on that tomorrow!

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