35 - Epilogue - 13b Linden Avenue

34 - The Farmhouse
Around 4am, Derrek entered his apartment. His dog, Wilfred, came to greet him, tail spinning like a helicopter. He got onto his knees to pet him, gave him a kiss on his head and moved, exhausted, toward his bathroom. He listened at his bedroom door, only some deep loud breaths. Good, not sure I could tell everything now without falling asleep.
He entered the bathroom, closed the door, and pulled his pull aside to look at his neck. He'd checked it at the station too. What the hell, it's completely gone now, even the smudge. It still feels a bit cold though. He sighed deep, letting go of his pull. He took out his toothbrush. My imagination must be running wild. I'll check it again tomorrow, nothing I can do now.
He finished up and crawled in his bed, beside his girlfriend. He gave her a kiss on her head before using his butt to push free some room. Fully wriggled in, he closed his eyes. Wilfred threw himself on the floor behind the bed, his cushion just a few feet away, yet he preferred the ground.

In a short while, Derrek's breath got deeper. The humans breaths almost synced up. Wilfred got calm from the sound, but he couldn't quite match up to their slow speed. He was almost asleep when he heard something from beneath the bed. He turned on his belly, put up his ears and searched where it came from. His eyes caught on something. He got up and out of the room as fast as he could. In the hallway he stopped and looked back into the room. His humans were still there, he had to protect them. He growled low toward the bed.
A cold breeze made his nose hairs twitch, a chuckle accompanied the breeze. Wilfred's paws slid over the floor, trying to get a grip. He finally found it and made for the kitchen, tail between his legs.
His humans breathed on without a clue.

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