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KC: The Farmhouse #12

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Derrek is running for his life, or well, mostly slipping for his life. Of course, he'll make it just in the nick of time. I'm going to pull a classic video game move: a big bad guy that gets obstructed by something smaller and cannot reach the target. It's also known as cheesing, when you're exploiting a flaw in the game and beat it this way instead of by the rules how it was meant to be played. Here it'll be a tractor that has to move around a stack of hay, the tractor can only do this very slowly with big turns while Derrek is able to take short turns.
Derrek is looking to capture the teen, especially now, so I'm not sure if he'd try to take him off the tractor. This would be the opportunity for that, but it's still very dangerous while it's going.


Session 1 - Time: 30m - Words: 528

He jumped another row, but slipped the landing. His right foot went sideways and dropped a knee into the mud. The sound behind him was deafening. He tried pushing up with his hand, his flashlight also receiving a mud bath, but he only slipped further. So this is how it ends, stuck in the mud in the middle of a field. I don't even know what was on the field. Killed by a teen in a pumpkin mask.
The sound grew louder. Until it passed him and went further to the left. The tractor had turned. Derrek looked up, the kid in the pumpkin mask was watching him as it drove past him. Thank you, kid. Thank you for not chopping me up and splattering me all over yourself and this field. Derrek slowly got himself up, took a few steps, and dropped himself, butt-first, onto the haystack.
He wanted to chase the tractor, to catch the kid. His body didn't. He sat there breathing heavy, sweating profusely and following the tractor with his eyes as it drove back to the farmhouse. Derrek had ran past the farmhouse, the livestock shed was closest now. On top of the farmhouse, the shadow stood watching him again. Yeah, don't worry. I'm taking a break, not going anywhere just yet.
The tractor stopped in front of the barn, the floodlights turned off. Pumpkin man got down, glanced toward him and walked to the right of the barn, where the back door was. Damn, the watcher will warn him if I go there, he'll be out before I even get close. I need to get inside that house and get that one as soon as possible.
At the livestock shed was some activity as well. It wasn't bright but there came some red light from somewhere in the shed. He couldn't see anything specific. It's closest. I'm guessing they want me to go there anyway, I can get close and make a run for the house. The gap is only close, back door to the house could be open.
Derrek raised himself from the hay, his muscles strained against him. Oh cardio, you're a real bitch. He did some quick stationary stretches and started walking and slipping again.
As he neared the edge of the field, he heard some noises coming from the livestock shed. Sounds like pigs. They were empty when I spotted them some time ago, no way there's anything there. Could it be an audio recording? The red light came from the front, it shone through the planks of the shed. The place could use some repairs. Derrek looked up to the left again, the watcher was still there. A tiny light in his hand, messaging the others.
Derrek stopped in the field and checked Ashley's phone, but there wasn't anything new. New group, good call. He pocketed the phone, stepped out of the field onto the muddy road and crossed it to the back of the livestock shed.

NEW CHAPTER - Livestock shed

He didn't go near the shed just yet, not sure what to expect. He went to the right of it so the watcher on the farmhouse would lose sight of him.

Session 2 - Time: 30m - Words: 547

Around the shed was grass. As Derrek closed in, he could hear the pig noises louder. It really wasn't loud and sounded very artificial, from a very cheap box. It came from inside the shed somewhere.
Derrek stopped as soon as he passed the corner. He glanced back swiftly, the watcher was on his phone. Come on, move a bit so I can get to the house unseen. He waited longer but the watcher remained there. Derrek took the time, to wipe his boots, arms and hands through the grass, getting some of the mud off. He also wiped his flashlight and made sure the glass part and the button were clear. Really not looking forward to this laundry session.
He peeked around the corner again, but the watcher was off his phone and on full attention again, forcing Derrek back. Damn, he's going to wait there. Maybe I can take a look at the front of the shed. Seems like another trap, but I don't really have a lot of options. I'll just take a look.
Derrek stepped along with the shed and quickly saw more of the red light to the front of the shed. Derrek froze. In the middle of the red light was another figure. A bigger man with a pig face, a big sickle in one hand. He was looking straight at him. That red light, like a satanic pigman. Shit… but why isn't he doing anything? Derrek remained still, he wasn't standing in the light.
Pigman turned his head a bit, his free hand came up and wriggled with the mask. He didn't see me. The mask is probably in the way. Derrek took a step back, making sure he was fully out of his line of sight. I can use that. But damn, that sickle. It could be blunt, but still, I can't rush a man armed with something like that.
Derrek got out his rubber gun, reloaded it with bullets and a new pressure tube. Full-on shooting didn't work last time, not sure if I should try it again now. He got a closed to the shed now, through some gaps he could still spot the pig figure. The pig squealing sounds came just beyond the planks, the red light came faintly through the planks but it was also somewhere in front of the shed, shining at the pig man.
At the bottom of the shed, Derrek spotted some looser planks. Could I fit through there? I can try pulling one free, the sound isn't loud, but if I can time it with a squeal, it could work out. Going to get scolded again for property damage, but hey, I just survived a tractor chasing me. I'll take it. Derrek took one of the planks with both hands, waited for the audio file to repeat and together with a squeal, he pulled at it. The squeak of the nails intertwined with the pig's squeal as the plank came free. The shed could really use some refreshment.
"Warren?" A whisper came from the front of the shed. Well, that tiny voice does break the satanic spell. Derrek lay down the plank on the grass and peered through the other gaps through the shed. Pigman was still there.


Total change of plans with the cheesing. I imagined what would happen if Derrek didn't make the jump. The teen would have the same dilemma Derrek had moments ago. Would he run over someone with a metal bladed machine of death? Even if the guy just shot him with rubber bullets? I think this played out way better since this would put a more humane side on the teens as well and also forcing some restrain on Derrek.
Derrek has had a double loss now, unable to catch Warren and possibly losing Ashley too but pigman will be an easy catch. The others were prepped pretty well, but pigman is a guy who's a bit scared himself. He's also not very good with the scare part: the box is way too quiet, he thinks putting himself in the light strikes a scary visual but it actually blinds him; and the mask is a real bad fit, itching around him and only giving him a tiny field of vision.
He'll be an easy catch for Derrek.
Tomorrow is Sunday again, so I'll be doing another review of the week and plan the next one. See you then!

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