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Continuing on yesterday's session, I'll be writing without timer again. Plan for today is to finish up Derrek's questioning, get him moving back to the barn and, if there's still time, trigger the watcher.
Picking off from Peter saying: "We just had to be here this evening, draw out the cops and scare them a bit. The place was already decorated and costumes prepared for us. My mom would kill me if I ever got a mask like this."


Session 1 - Time: 70m - Words: 1110
No timer - Discovery

Huh, that's a lot of prep just to scare someone… and a lot of money.
"Did you see any of the people who set this up?"
"No," he glanced toward the shed wall again, "Yves organised that, he got the key this afternoon. He did say they were a bit shady, but they paid even before the act."
"He went alone?"
Peter nodded, "They told him to." So some precaution, a single description of a person is almost never enough. Everyone notices different things, general descriptions like height, weight, complexion, and age were good pointers but some details like walrus mustache, crooked nose, unibrow, o-legs, bitten fingernails, yellow teeth, smelly breath,… could topple a case. Let's hope Yves is as willing to talk as this one.
"You did well, Peter. I will put in a good word once we bring you in." Derrek took one of the zip-ties from his pouch. He should have brought more handcuffs. Peter pulled back as Derrek got close.
"What? Why can't you let me go, I helped you?" Peter grew some backbone and threw in an angry glare.
"Your friend almost chopped me to pieces with his tractor. You're all going to be brought in, and your help won't be forgotten." Derrek grabbed his arm.
"They'll know." Peter said, mostly to himself. "Snitches—"
"Get stitches, yes, I know the saying. Don't worry, you're not working for a mob here. Kids always get off easy, especially if you work with us. Make sure your friend talks about the people who paid you, and all will be fine." Derrek didn't hesitate and zipped both arms behind the boy. He used three zip-ties for it, one on each arm and one keeping the two together.
"They paid for our silence too."
"Kind of broke that already. Now, do you think you can walk?" Peter looked at him like he asked him to lick his elbow. He tried some pressure on the leg, but his face turned sour. "Hmm, thought so." Derrek said. "I'm going to lock you to the shed. Please don't go pulling on it. I don't think the shed can take much, wouldn't want to dig you out from beneath this roof." Peter didn't resist as Derrek zipped a pole from the shed's wall to Peter's zip-ties. He made sure to give him some wiggle room. Alone, he won't get out of this, but someone with some strong shears can get him out easily. Even with the reinforce zip-ties. Let's hope Ashley is still locked, I can bring her here and lock them in together.
"Are all of you good friends?" Derrek asked.
Peter hesitated for a bit. "Warren is a dick." Agreed. "I thought it would be him just now, would have been perfectly possible. I heard the tractor stop not so long ago, but couldn't see where he went. This mask really has tiny holes, can't see a thing. Warren always annoys people, weirdly some people like that. Like Ashley." Something passed over his face. Was that regret? Shame maybe?
"And you like Ashley?" Derrek asked. Peter inhaled sharply, his eyes snapped to Derrek's. Yep, teens are so obvious.
"I don't like like her, you know? Just…" He broke eye contact. "Either way, she only has eyes for Warren. And Dina only for Yves, I'm really the fifth wheel." Dina? That's a new one, probably the girl inside with the screams. Figures they're close together. And fifth wheel… hopefully that's literally.
Derrek wanted to question further but saw the somber expression on the boy's face. He really got dumped out here alone. I know how it feels, son. Don't worry, things will get better… well, somewhat.
Derrek coughed and wanted to move to the front of the shed, but he remembered the girl's phone. "Do you have your phone on you?" The boy looked toward his right pocket.
"Down there." He edged over so Derrek could reach it. Derrek got it out, saw the lockscreen again. All right, hackerman, round 2. 1-
"4832, please don't try something else. It will delete all content on too many attempts, really sucks." Derrek put in the code and the screen unlocked. Derrek tapped the green icon which looked like a chat app. There were no unread messages, last thread was Farmoween. It had the same messages Derrek had already seen on Ashley's phone. Derrek frowned.
"You didn't get any other messages?" Peter face sunk a bit again.
"No, I was expecting something too. Guess they forgot." Derrek cringed a bit. Damn, seems like that wasn't the first time either. Poor guy.
"Promise me one thing, will you?" Derrek said while pocketing the phone. He got out his notepad and scribbled down the code. "After this, find yourself some better friends." Peter sat watching him for a few seconds but gave him a curt nod. He's been thinking that himself. Just needs a little push. We all do sometimes.
Derrek pushed himself into the darkness outside the shed, he went back round to the back, where he'd pulled off the plank. All right, Derrek, you really need to take out the mastermind, mister watcher, Yves. They'll be scattered then. If I can make a run for the back door from here, I can startle them a bit. But he's probably seen me leaving the shed just now.
Derrek peek out from behind the shed toward the barn. His night vision was getting better, the tractor was in front of it, but nothing else he could see.The barn is also an option but I'll lose time with moving Ashley. If Warren hasn't released her yet, that is. I'm guessing not. He'll be staying nearby probably, not wanting to leave Ashley alone… Which makes it a perfect time to enter the house. Derrek peeked further beyond the shed and saw the farmhouse. The shadow on the roof was gone. A small light, reflected on an opened window, was visible on the first floor. Got a bit chilly? All right, here goes.
The barn was straight in front of him, the farmhouse more to the right. Derrek felt his leg muscles strain as he started running for the house. His eyes trained on the first floor's window, where he expected, and saw movement. The light moved erratically and caught on the window glass and another piece of glass, round and small. Derrek's heart skipped a beat as he recognized its shape. Scope! Gun! His mind shouted at him, he ducked to the left in reflex.
A shot fired from the window.


Suddenly, relationships! I hadn't planned for that, but it's kind of fitting for teens like this. This way I was also able to slip in some extra tips for Derrek. Which he only got by being human and talking to the boy.
I noticed I'm a bit scarce on description of people again, I'm going to add all this on my revision tours. From one side I like to leave this open, since I always make my own images of characters when I read, but some iconic features could make the people more memorable. Something for later!
I'm happy with the session, it was a bit slower if I compare the numbers, but it's way more laid back this way. Very unexpected revelation for myself. I think I'll reserve timed writing for days when I don't have a lot of inspiration. This pressure could work then.

Tomorrow another action scene, with Derrek, again, running for his life. The shots will be a good deviation to get him back to the barn. Another insider, Yves is firing blanks, of course Derrek doesn't know that and he doesn't really have time to inspect the scene.
More on that tomorrow. See you then!

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