17 - Hallway

16 - Study 18 - Basement
Derrek looked at the other two doors, the one beneath the stairs and the one opposite it. He looked at the stairs too. One of those doors or upstairs, but upstairs I should have heard. It couldn't have been Yves with the sickle, he's been up there with that gun for the entire time. That leaves Warren, pigman, or the girl… Check my notes quickly… Dina, the screamer. Or Peter if he was freed. Or someone else entirely. Derrek sighed.
He went to the stairs and tested one of the step. No creak. He took the second and it gave a tiny squeak. He nodded to himself, scrapping the option. He got down again and went for the door beneath the stairs. The door almost seemed part of the stairs, only the handle and slight vertical lines gave it away as a door, hinges hidden. He grabbed the door handle and drew in a breath. Multiple actually. He felt focus coming over him, his ears wide open for any movement behind him. He didn't want to get pushed down. Here goes.
He opened the door, a waft basement smell welcomed him, maybe even some smell of moist. A shiver went through his spine as he saw a steep cement trap going down into darkness. No railing except for the wall to its right. Derrek shone his light inside and found a light switch to the left of the door. No way I'm stepping in a basement with only my flashlight. This already feels like a trap. He flicked the switch, some old lights came on with a flicked and a buzzing noise. Good old tubes.
From outside the door, he couldn't see into the basement itself, the right wall was solid as far as he could see. The basement didn't run beneath the part with the double doors. He had to get in to see more. Are you seriously heading into the basement? You know how this goes. You set down a few steps, BAM, door closes behind you. Crick, crack and you're locked in. Don't be that guy. But he itched to see just a bit more. To have an idea what's there. Just a peek. He stepped beyond his comfort zone, into the basement.

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