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I will do one global outline which I can follow. I first thought about doing this per session but that'll be hard to guess at.


Starting from Derrek in the hallway, firing his pepper spray at Dina who's in the kitchen, kneeling against the dining room's door.

  1. Dina will have an episode from the pepper spray. Coughing, spitting, and even vomiting. Derrek will feel bad and try to help her in the kitchen.

  2. Yves was grabbing for the front door. At first I wanted him to go outside, but I'd rather have him go through the room with the double doors. There's a sink outside there and a fridge with a freezer compartment. Warren freed Peter, but he remained in the shed. He'll hear Yves struggle and comes help him. It'll take some time for Derrek to help Dina, but Yves isn't going anywhere. Pepper spray has an intense effect for about 30 minutes. He'll just sit down in a couch with some frozen peas against his eyes. Paining it out.

  3. Warren ran through the pantry but he'll not go outside yet. He heard Dina's scream and subsequent episode. He spies a bit and sees Derrek help the girl. Unsure what to do, he sneaks through the laundry room and hallway. Here is a weird point. I'd like to have him go upstairs, but I see no reason he'd go up. He knows he's the 'last one' standing and by now, he'd looking for an out. One idea is to have their bikes somewhere nearby, locked together. Yves is the one with the keys, but left them upstairs. Then Warren could go in, ask for the keys, Yves tells them they are upstairs and Warren heads up to get them.

  4. Derrek arrives in the sitting room and talks with Yves, who drops Warren is upstairs, which Warren hears from upstairs. He'll try to hide in the attic. By now, I'll have Chip arrive, putting another scare into Yves as he enters the house. Derrek will try calming him down, but he's all psyched up, yelling and shouting.

  5. This will set in the endgame. Warren just wants to get out now, but he's trapped in the attic. He'll try waiting it out until Derrek comes looking for him. I don't think I'll get this far today, but I'll leave this open for now.


Session 1 - Time: 30m - Words: 420

Derrek released the button as the girl's scream stopped with a gurgle. Her eyes closed too.Oh, shit. What did I do? She spat and dropped on her butt, in the red pool she had made underneath the dining room door. Her chest heaved as she sucked in a breath. Her hands went up to her eyes, covered in the red. A pained scream and spatting gurgle came from her throat. She rubbed at her eyes, getting the red everywhere.
Derrek watched in horror at the sight. He looked to his right and saw Yves getting up from the floor, also in pain. He didn't go for the front door, grabbing for the double door instead. He's getting away, I'd better—
A deeper heave came from the girl. Derrek recognized the sound. He'd heard it only a few times before in his life: a few times at parties as a young adult; at night as a child, coming from the bathroom, his sister making the sound, and a few times himself. He knew what sound came next. Damn, Derrek, now you've really made a mess.
Derrek moved into the kitchen as the girl vomited over her own legs, mixing the red with a whole new platter of colors.


"Shit, shit. I didn't mean to—" Derrek said mostly to himself, as the girl heaved out another load. She was proof that women are true multi-taskers: crying, coughing, screaming and vomiting, all at the same time.
Derrek stood helpless. He didn't see what he could do. What's the first thing to do when someone gets peppered? Rinse it out with water. He moved to the sink, looked over the closets. He had to open three different ones before he got a glass from one and got the tap running. The girl kept going, intermixed with wails of pain. She rubbed her eyes too.
"Don't rub them!" He yelled as the glass was filling. The girl wasn't listening, she was in full panic. Derrek looked to the fire, beneath it was a drawer. Pots and pans probably, could use one. He got out the glass, set it on the sink, then bent for the drawer, got out a pot. It wasn't the biggest, that one had contained the redness, but he replaced it with the glass in the sink and let the tap fill it.
"Open up." He said as he stopped beside the girl. She wasn't reacting. Derrek hovered another fraction of a second, he reached for her. She slapped his hand away.

Session 2 - Time: 30m - Words: 540

He took that opportunity to throw the water from the glass in her face. The red which was rubbed in her eyes, now spread all over clothes. She hadn't been dressed in a special outfit or anything, but she by far had the scariest outfit of all teens now.
Derrek returned to the sink, the pot was half full already. He got it out and closed the tap, hurrying back to the girl.
"Open your mouth." He said, she vomited in response. Well, technically she listened… She grunted in pain again as she came up. Derrek threw a splash of the pot over the girl's face.
"Open your mouth!" He tried again. She gurgled and spat once more, but her head came up with her mouth open, hands rubber her eyes still. He brought the pot to her lips and poured slowly. She took a gulp, removed her lips from the pot and spat it out again. A bit spilled over the girl, but she returned her lips and took another gulp, spat it out, gulp, spat, gulp, swish, spat.
"Good, good, make sure to get it all out." The water spilled all over the girl, she could only get cleaner from it after the mess she had made. As Derrek hovered with the pot, the smell finally pierced through him. Tomato? Damn, that's sour. Almost smells like… Derrek felt his own stomach turn as he spotted some pieces of spaghetti in the mess. Yep, thought I recognized it.
The pot was empty and the girl grunted in pain again. Derrek moved back to the sink, started filling it up again. The girl had grown a bit calmer, but was still in a lot of pain.
Derrek looked at the pantry door, which was closed. The tap couldn't go any faster… He moved to it and opened it, peeking in. The pantry was dark, but he could make out the closed back door. No human shapes in the dark though. Another pant from the girl pulled his attention back in. The pot was almost full again. He got it to the girl again.
"Hey, try opening your eyes, we need to get that out too." The girl hesitated, but as another spike of pain went through her, she removed her hands. She held her face up toward him. The skin around her eyes was reddened from the spray and the rubbing. She opened her eyes only for a tiny slit, but had to close them again. Enough for Derrek to spot the red lines through the white of her eyes. He could only imagine the pain she felt.
Derrek held the pot at an angle. "Again." He said. She opened a slit again and Derrek poured a splash on it. She pulled back with a fierce inhalation, but her exhalation was one with relief. She came forward, opening them again.
They repeated the process, switching to gulps of water too, until the pot was empty again. Pain returned in sudden spikes, but it helped some. I've only had a small spray in training, had me crying for an hour then. I can't imagine what such a load would feel like.
Derrek heard something from the hallway. Voices, far away, but also something he'd been expecting. Sirens. Chip. Swift, as expected. Better make sure I get the others.

Session 3 - Time: 35m - Words: 670

Swift, as expected. Better make sure I get the others. If he gets to them first.. Well, he won't do anything wrong, I hope, but still. Can't get him into more trouble than he already is in.
Maybe I shouldn't have called him then. Too late for that now.

Derrek refilled the pot and brought it to the girl. She had her eyes open a tiny slit, trying to take in the room. Trying. She was able to take the pot from his hands. Well, she isn't going anywhere soon. Don't even have to restrain her. "I'll be back in a few. Stay here and keep rinsing."
She grunted a reply which sounded a lot like "Fuck you." The wheezing breath made it difficult to make out. Derrek glanced her over again, she was a real looker now. Drenched in water, redness and other redness mixed with spaghetti. Never loosing that image. He thought as he stepped out into the hallway again.
NEW CHAPTER - Hallway.
The front door was closed, but through its stained glass, Derrek could make out flashing red and blue lights. Derrek listened for any other sounds, but the sirens swallowed them all.
As he walked to the front door, he could see one of the double doors was open, the right one. It was opened halfway and swung toward the inside. A light was on inside. Derrek saw the furthest edge of the room, to the front of the house. There were shelves of books. It looked epic. Derrek had to restrain himself not to walk into the room.
Chip first, otherwise he'll go Rambo.
Derrek opened the front door and stood watching the sight. Chip's pick-up truck was riding toward the house. Well, slipping rather. He still had a lot of speed and the mud spat up on both sides. Red and blue lights lit up the corn on both sides. He hit some of the stalks here and there as the truck swiveled through. Derrek held up his hand to block the headlights. Chip whooped his siren a few more times.
He pulled up sideways in front of the house, slipping even further. The door swung open and a heavy-set man jumped out, boots hitting the mud. His siren was off but his headlights and cherries were still blinking. Chip strode toward the house, the sound of shells loading into a shotgun accompanied him.
"Eighteen! Where's the fun?" Chip shouted and cocked a shell.
"No guns, Chip. I told you." Derrek said as Chip raised an eyebrow. "Situation is almost under control. Two pepper sprayed inside, not going anywhere." Derrek pointed toward the shed, "one zipped and hurt," he pointed toward the barn. "One cuffed on the first floor." Chip's face drooped with every count going higher. "And.. one loose end still about." His face lighted up, fingers tickling his shotgun. "Unarmed." Derrek said curt.
Chip grunted and hung the shotgun on his belt. Yes, he actually had a piece on his belt to attach it to. And he wore it day in, day out.
"So, where did the loose end move off to?" Good question. Would he have gone outside? It's possible he just left all together.
"Last seen outside." Derrek grabbed for the small key in his pouch and held it out. "Can you retrieve the shed and the barn? I'll round up inside here." Chip wasn't looking at him, he was looking around, seeking for any movement, hand moving toward his shotgun again. "Chip. You know what the Chief said." Derrek said slowly. That got has attention.
"I know. It's just been a while since I got to do something."
"Don't screw up now, you can be in action again in no time. Put back your gun and pull the light from your roof. Reinforcements is still out for a while, but they can't see you with either of those. And Chip, thank you for coming."
Chip gave him a nod and moved back to his car.

Session 4 - Time: 30m - Words: 490

Derrek left the front door open, making sure it was wide open. The house had grown silent it seemed, the voices he had barely heard before were gone.
Time to check the cool room.

NEW CHAPTER - Sitting room

Derrek walked through the heavy double door, making sure not to open it any further. He'd already been obvious enough. He saw the left side of the room first. There were two windows on the front, where the porch was. Both were draped with see-through curtains. There wasn't a lot of special things there. The back of the room however.
Seriously? Bookshelf with a ladder? Who has that? Derrek was in awe of the bookshelf that lined the entire wall at the end of the room. The ceiling was about three and a half meters high and the shelf took full advantage of all the space available. A railing at about two and a half meters, provided a railway for the ladder to travel the entire width of the shelf. The light he saw from outside came from his right though. As he passed past the door, he saw couches spread over the right side of the room. A small mini-bar at the right end side of the room.
Behind the door, against the wall with the stairs was a hearth. It wasn't on but a light on a table in front of the hearth was. All couches were empty. They looked comfy.
The sliding door was open. Derrek checked his surroundings, but couldn't see anyone. He escaped through the terrace then. Would the weird thing in the chairs still be sitting there?
As he stood thinking there, someone came through the sliding door. Two someones, even. Derrek pulled his rubber gun in a swift motion. The first pair of hands went up, the second's already were up, holding a sack of frozen ice cubes against his forehead. He walked straight into the first one and gave a grunt.
"Don't shoot, please." Peter's voice came. Yves behind him peeked past the ice and raised one of his hands too. Derrek thought he'd say something, but only a sniff came.
"How are you free?" Derrek asked.
"Warren. He came some time ago, told me to help him scare you, but I.. Refused. I stayed inside the shed until I heard Yves struggling outside just now and came over to help."
"It hurts like a bitch, you know." Yves said.
"Trust me, you're better off. Dina got a full load." Her coughs still came from time to time, now was one of them and both boys looked at the door in hesitation.
"Take a seat, both of you." Derrek said, nudging his gun toward one of the couches. Both boys moved toward it, Peter helping Yves to find the way. They both sat down.
"Don't worry, we've had enough." Peter started saying.
"You sure of that?" Derrek asked. Yves looked past the ice again and saw Derrek's eyes foccussed on him.
"Where's Warren?"


2120 words. That seems enough for today. I had to spread it out over the day, but all went well. I notice a lot of resistance building up for the project. My ideas are sprouting like beans though, but for other stories. Very weird. I'll bite through it though, but I will give myself some pause on the revisions once the draft is done, to build up some energy for it again. First, I need to finish it! I set the endgame into motion. Only Warren is still playing. Once Derrek catches him, I'll still have a few more chapters left to write for closing up.
More writing tomorrow, back at 12PM then.

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