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KC: The Farmhouse #28 & attic sketch

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First wing for the attic is done. Derrek will move through the bigger part now. Warren was already on the move below, but the last comment of Derrek ("I can hear you…") made him stop. The hesitation for him is what I needed to give Derrek more time up there before the revelation. I'm not telling this explicitly, yet, possibly I'll add in a comment from Warren to another cop.
I don't want to overwhelm the creep factor. They did not prepare this area for any scares, so it would be weird if it contained a lot of scares. The mirror was already spotted, doesn't make it less creepy though. I plan to use it during the reveal. Derrek is heading down the left row first. Here I'll place a large wooden closet filled with clothes. I find them scary myself because you need to use your hands to interact (unless you have a broom or something), there could be anything behind or between them.
I'll be adding a map of the attic too as soon as possible. Need to work on the others too sometime.
Picking up from: He set a step toward the right row, but turned back toward the hatch. Better take the other one, so I can see the hatch more easily.


Session 1 - Time: 30m - Words: 450

KC Farmhouse atticHe moved back and shone through the row. The middle row contained some cabinets, almost the same as those from the study. They were tagged the same way, only older years. There was still some room to add more cabinets. Didn't know a farm could be this much paperwork. Probably why they are still in business. Good for them. Well, hopefully this show isn't going to ruin their image. Did they rent out their farm willingly? Since they seem to have keys for everywhere. We'll have to question them as well.
Derrek had to bend his head for the occasional horizontal beam, but beyond that, he could walk through easily. To the left side, was an home-trainer, the old type with a big floating metal wheel beneath the seat. Pretty dangerous if you touched the spinning wheel while it was in use, the thing had a lot of momentum. The metal bars were a white-turned-yellow-over-the-years, with bright blue handles and a broad mushy seat. No electricity required for these, but a hell to move. Almost impossible to break, though, as all things were made in the past. Nowadays, the life cycle of these devices is only a few years.
There were some plastic boxes stacked on and beside the bike. He made out some weights, toys, clothes,… he moved past them, shining his flashlight back to the middle. Past the cabinets was a chest, an old wooden chest. Same kind as the chairs and table it seems. Could be used to travel to Narnia as well. Good thing it's standing free here in the middle. He moved his hand to the handle. Or wait. Not good. It could be open in the back. Can't see a thing from this side. I can check it first from the other side, make sure… No, come on. Man up. I can just throw it open and see. Derrek checked to his left, more boxes followed the bike. He lay down his flashlight on one of them, aimed on the closet. He moved to the left of the closet, stretching his left arm for the handle, rubber gun in his right hand. He made sure to stay behind the door as he pulled it toward him.
A loud creak came from the door. Nothing else. He peeked from behind the door to see it filled with winter coats. It smelled a bit musky too. He released a small held breath and grinned off the feeling of discomfort. He opened the right door too and retrieved his flashlight. Ducking didn't show him any legs, but he couldn't make out the back of the closet either. Can't see a thing. Ehk, do I really need to move them aside. He tiptoed trying to see anything, still nothing.


I used another half hour to draw up the attic, since I need to get this clearer for myself. Noticed I need to do some rewriting in the first part since I forgot about the chimneys coming up (one from the sitting room, one from the laundry room).
Tomorrow, it'll be the closet and moving further toward the back of the room. Possibly reach the mirror too. See you then!

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