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Last week I started reading H.P. Lovecraft's Tales of Horror, setting the scene with a playlist and even trying to read outside in the dark and cold. That works. I got scared of some leaves falling. It also got my mind working, yet another idea for a story to write. The idea is like a thousand other horror collections, but I'd like to give a spin to the narrator. Possibly I'll write a bit on this in the future, you'll be seeing it pass by then.
But first, the farmhouse! Yesterday ended with a cliffhanger. Derrek is running for the house, but he spots a scope from a gun and a shot is fired from the window. Let's get to it.


Session 1 - Time: 63m - Words: 895
No timer - Discovery

Derrek didn't feel any sudden pain, except for his leg muscles straining from the effort. What the hell, they're shooting?! I need to get away. He ran to the left, circling away from the house, toward the barn. He glanced at the window, the wooden barrel was pointed straight at him. Can't turn back to the shed, he'll have a clear shot then. Need to move irregularly, moving target. He pivoted and jumped to the right, then ducked low again to the left. The door isn't far off, but the closer I get, the clearer the shot will be.
Another shot rang. Derrek didn't hear an impact on the ground, he only heard his heart beating in his ears. He was glad he wasn't in the fields, the ground was sturdy here. Derrek kept jumping around. Screw it, I'll make for the barn. A bit more to the left and I'll be past his view. Damn, move.
He jumped back a bit, another shot rang, no pain. Close one. He sprinted forward again, checked to the right and saw he passed out of sight from the window. The wooden barrel pulled inside. He stopped for a second, looking at the door. The door, I can try—
The window to the back opened, on the same level. Fuuuuck! He couldn't circle away from this window, it was straight above the door and with full view to the barn.
Another shot rang. Damn, I'm really using up all my luck today. The barn was some ten meters in front of him, the tractor, which had almost killed him, was closer, a good five meters. He ducked low again and made for the tractor. No further shot came, but he still dived behind the tractor. His arms caught most of the fall, a shock still went through his shoulders, back, bottoms and little toes. His face hit a patch of grass, covered in mud. Aw man, how do they do that in the movies. Ground isn't soft to land on. He spat out some of the sand he got in his mouth as he got up slowly, his body scolding him. He took a few shuddering breaths, his heart still beating wildly in his chest.
Staying low, he dared a peek from behind the tractor seat. The window was still open, a wooden barrel still aimed toward him. I need a window to get to the barn. It's not that far anymore but I'm done pushing my luck. He checked the ignition, empty. Of course. He gave his body a few more breaths to get ready for another run. Deep in, another in, and full out. In, in, out. Come on, Derrek. He got bit higher and waved his arm once, hoping to cause him to fire. The teen didn't. He's good, only taking a sure shot. Would make a great sniper.
He peeked again, only barely making out the shape behind the window. Wait, he'll be struggling to see something too. I can use that. Derrek got out his flashlight, forwarded the slider to max brightness. He got ready to run, aimed his flashlight toward the window, averted his eyes to save his own night vision, and pressed the button.
An exclamation came from the window. Derrek didn't check the window again, he turned off his flashlight and ran.
I'm taking up cardio again if I ever survive this.


Another shot came, but Derrek had already passed the corner to the back of the barn, to the left of the gate. He'd have to go around for the back door which he entered before. He breathed heavy, adrenaline still pulsing through his body. You're right body, no time for rest. Let's check inside. Warren is probably hiding somewhere over here, Ashley too if he got her out. They're expecting a cop, coming in wary, probably sneaking like before. Let's not give em that. Derrek strode on beside the wall of the barn, the mowed field to his left, toward the orchard. He kept his flashlight in his left hand, pushed to max brightness, not ignited yet.
His right hand moved to his real gun, it hesitated. They shot at you! But, they're kids. Are you— They. Shot. First… No, Yves shot first. But they were only supposed to scare me? Did he actually shoot? Chief always said you can hear the difference between blanks and real shots, I couldn't hear shit. Who is listening for something like that with a barrel trained on them.
He got around the corner and made a decision, he pulled out one of his guns. The orchard was to his left now, he followed the wall toward the other corner and the back door. Halfway the wall, he heard something from inside, the door. Derrek increased his pace to a jog and just before passing the border, saw someone running for the fields. Oh no, you don't. Derrek ignited his flashlight, making the pumpkin mask turn toward him. He opened fire.
One, two, three, four hits of six shots. The boy screamed in agony, but stumbled into the fields. Good thing I went with rubbers, I would have hesitated, making him get away again.


Bit slower than other days, but still fine. I did a bit of rewriting in this one because I wanted to implement Derrek using his flashlight offensively. I had written it at the stop point first, but it didn't seem logical because it would take away a few seconds he'd dearly needed to get away.
Warren getting shot like this was also unplanned. Spoiler, but he'll get away, running inside the house. Ashley is still locked up in the barn. I'll have Derrek make the call beside her so she can hear he's very serious.
More on that tomorrow! Thanks for reading.

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