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My first project

04-11-2022 - 1 year ago - 2m 25s
My first project I want to tackle this way is Kane's Cases. This is an idea for a series of stories where a cop, Derrek Kane (name for now), visits different locations/cases and solves whatever is going on there. I'm putting him through some cringe-worthy horror/thriller scenarios, but he finds creative ways to push through them.
More on that in the linked chapter Idea and Inspiration.

Derrek has been a cop for 6-7 years, but isn't a real fan of the fieldwork. He's been promised a desk job 2 years ago but is still driving around answering calls. Derrek enjoys watching scary movies, as long as he isn't alone. He loves the thrill but watching alone really gets to him and keeps him up at night. He became a cop because of his grandpa, who died on duty. His grandma adores him for it and is always interested in the cases he went through. Her having light dementia helps because he can retell the same story and see the joy in her eyes every time he does.

He's a bit paranoid since years ago some thieves broke into his parent's house while he was asleep. The feeling of being watched never quite leaves him and so he always prepares for the worst:

  • When he leaves his home, he hides away his valuables across his home: he doesn't enjoy having all his eggs in the same basket. He also blocks windows and doors with wooden beams.
  • He's always equipped with a tiny but very strong flashlight, even off-duty.
  • His car is stuffed with equipment, also things a cop shouldn't be dragging along: flares, a gun which fires non-lethal rubbers, satellite phone, a big bag of zip wires, duct tape, screwdrivers, crowbar,… He just likes to be prepared for any kind of scenario.

Aside from some remarks of his colleagues, he doesn't experience this a bad thing. Most of the times he's happy when he actually needed something he otherwise wouldn't have with him.
More information on the characters will be available in the linked chapter Characters.

Derrek will be the main Point of View for the story and since there won't be a lot of dialog at the isolated farmhouse, his thoughts will be vital. The story will progress linear with no big time skips or flashbacks. Chapters will be split by location/room instead of per scene, I'm doing that to hold suspense so the reader doesn't know when it's a safe time to stop reading. More information on the structure is available in the linked chapter Structure.
Any feedback on that is appreciated, it'll be hard to change those things once I start writing in full next Monday.

While Derrek has been through a lot of cases already, he's getting pulled into something sinister, starting with the case at the Farmhouse. Something seemingly innocent grows to take over his life… At first, I just wanted it to be a quick little story of a cop going through some funny situations, but giving the story some time to develop in my head, gave me some ideas for an overarching plot. If you want to find out more about that, I will link the full outline tomorrow, but beware, I'm going to talk full spoilers for the story and any possible follow-ups.

Tomorrow's post will be about my current writing process and how I hope to apply this to Kane's Cases. This is an accumulation of steps I read about in books and online. I already tried writing this way last year but I'm still seeking for ways to improve this.
Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

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