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W50 review & what's next?

18-12-2022 - 1 year ago - 1m 42s

Week 50 - Review

The first draft for KC: The Farmhouse is officially finished! Woohoo!

Some observations

I will detach myself from Kane's Cases for now so I can do something fresh. In a lot of books on writing, the advice is: "Focus on one project and work until you finish it. Just finish it." I'm not sure that works for me. If I compare this to the way I read, I notice an obvious difference. About 8 years ago, I read 10-15 books per year, going book by book. Over the years, I started reading more books simultaneously, mixing through genres: fantasy, horror, non-fiction and even philosophy. Now I read about 40-50 books per year this way. So I cannot ignore this works for me. I can pause something for a few days or weeks and shift to something else for while.
With my writing, this could do wonders as well. I had several days, especially toward the end, where I really didn't feel like working on KC. Now I just pushed through since the project was not that big. All the while, I still got fresh ideas I wanted to work on. The danger here will be I'll get a lot of unfinished projects, so I'll need some limit. With reading, I'm currently at 10 different books, with about 5 of which are actually on hold. I'm thinking 3 will be my limit for writing now. That will still include KC: The Farmhouse until it is fully revised. I'll see what comes out.

Anxiety course

I was able to invest a lot of time into the new course this week. I'm about 3/4th through it, but still need to do all practical tasks. The course had a lot of overlaps with my burn-out coaching course, but the new material is really exciting. Deeper dives into irrational anxieties; what is normal and what isn't; Types of anxiety; Anxiety of anxieties. At the moment, I'm learning some interesting methods to guide people out of their train of thoughts. Exposure therapy is also still on the list. I'm very curious about that method.
I was hoping for some more reference material, books for deeper dives, but I'll contact the teacher about that.

What's next?

Time for rest..
Oh. Hell. No. That would break the habit I've been building over the past 6-7 weeks. Time to keep the ball rolling.
Priority 1: Get KC: The Farmhouse in an easy-to-read format: PDF and EPUB.
I can actually do this easily with Scrivener… except for the included HTML tags in the text. To get my text , I need to add in HTML tags. This was pretty easy since I'm still used to writing code, but Scrivener cannot interpret these tags correctly on compilation. I knew this when I started writing, pushing the problem to the future. Well, here we are. I'll invest some time on that tomorrow and hopefully can do this without a lot of manual editing. Once I have this, I'll do another call for people to read it and get in some feedback while I put it in the shelf for a few weeks. If you want to do a full read, please wait for that! I'll get it some way.

Priority 2: List problems with The Farmhouse.
I already did this during some chapters, but I'm going to build a prioritized list for myself so once I revisit it, I can check off point per point. I don't expect this to be a lot of work. For now, my internal list is still small, but this could grow with some feedback.

Priority 3: Determine what's next and start.
I'm planning a reread for what I wrote 2 years ago on Dawn of Revolution. This way I can test my motivation for continuing that. I still have an eagerness to finish it, but If I'm not sold on it again, I'll just leave it be and start something fresh.
If it's something fresh, I'll first need to do some world-building and choose what story I'm actually going to write. This will be a Fantasy tale, no doubt, probably on a grander scale. I have a ton of ideas, but I'll first need to make some decisions about what's in and what's out.

That seems enough for this week. With Christmas looming at the end of the week, I still hope to get in enough time (and energy) on my writing. Have a nice week and enjoy the holidays!

See next post: Readable formats for KC: The Farmhouse

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