Revision 1 progress & future

It's been a while! My bad, my procrastinating on changing the website to weekly posting had grown a bit out...

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Happy holidays & week review

Happy Christmas! Week 51 review I got in some solid work on Aegis #1, world-building and characters, but also lost...

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Remember what you read

Alas, no big writing progress today. I've not made it through Dawn of Revolution in full yet. Hopefully by tomorrow...

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Aegis #1 Characters

I'm halfway through my Dawn of Revolution reread and pleasantly surprised to find the manuscript in pretty good condition. In...

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Aegis Worldbuilding & Dawn of Revolution reread

Yesterday, I've been doing some word-building on one of my fantasy story ideas. This is not building on the prologue...

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Reflection on KC: The Farmhouse's First Draft

Some reflection on the first draft. At first I only wanted to do a fix list, mostly negative things, but...

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Readable formats for KC: The Farmhouse

It took a while, but I finally… finally got my manuscript converted into the more readable PDF, EPUB & MOBI...

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Chapter changes