Since I am introducing a new world and magic system, I am trying to keep some aspects familiar: some classical Dungeons and Dragons characters. They all have a unique twist with the magic system, but the characters themselves should feel familiar.
I am planning to use all 4 as POVs. Their tones will be very different.

Kate - Human cleric

Kate, or Kathriska, is the youngest of the group and has only been adventuring for a year. As a child, they abandoned her at a monastery, where she grew up and trained all her life. She is a somewhat zealous person, trying to spread the message of her god across the world, but mostly, she is trying to make connections with people. The money she makes gets sent to the monastery.
What can she do:
  • Good with poultices
  • Fights with a war hammer
  • Wears heavy armor
  • Knows some magical chants to enhance conditions around her (speed, attention, heat,…)
Kate only knows subtle magic, being the enhanced poultices and the chanting. She is the most straightforward of the group.

Angus - Dwarven shapeshifter

Angus is your classic dwarf, but also isn't. He's a loud dwarf, doesn't care a lot what people think of him. He's born on the land and only seen the occasional cave or underground place, which scared him a bit. Open water also isn't his strongest suit. He's an excellent cook and uses his animal forms to collect the right ingredients from the land.
He's a shapeshifter/druid who can change into bonded animals at will. He loves animals more than humans. The magic rules I am implementing heavily influenced shapeshifting. In ordinary RPGs, a character has to look at an animal for some time to gain its form. They can only shift for a limited amount of time. With this system, they really need to bond with an animal, which can be a tedious process. It'll be explained in the story, but when bonded, they can shift into that creature at will. When they do, they can only shift in exactly that creature, unique traits that specific creature had are also present.
An example: Angus has bonded the mouse Fart as a child. Whenever the mouse saw something unexpected, heard a loud noise,.. It released a tiny but loud enough fart. Whenever Angus shifts into Fart, he'll have that same trait.
The animal bonds are visible tattoos on his body. Currently he has: mouse - Fart, dragonfly - Odona, poodle - Truffle, a mountain goat - Bella, and something secret…

Iseul - Draconic Archer

The term Draconic isn't openly used, but you get the idea. On Aegis they are called 'Bastians' after the giant, sleeping black dragon Bast. Every dragon-like creature is called like this, even though they may not be direct descendants of the sleeping dragon..
Iseul's full name is Iseulanghyss. Its gender is unknown and a taboo topic to ask a Bastian. Iseul is a rather solitary person or stoic. It doesn't seek conversation, but will always be extremely polite. As a dragonlike creature, it carries an affinity to fire: unable to be burned and able to store large quantities of fire force in its body.
It is very stealthy, even for its bulk, and fights only with an enormous bow and arrow. It can infuse its forces into arrows, mostly fire.

Dal'lad - Palinite mage

The Palinite are a humanoid race which live in solitude around one of the crystal pillars. Their most obvious mark is their different eye colors. They are viewed as fanatical types, living dangerously close or even against the crystals. While they are called Palinite (for their double names), they prefer the term Yoven. The Yoven have always had a strong connection to magic, believed to have come from the crystal. All Yoven are born with a single name, for example 'Dal'. Once they have trained, passed the Yoven Trails and proven their soul is in harmony, they receive their second name: Dal'lad. Of course, not every Palinite is in harmony…
Dal'lad's affinity is with lightning. Using this force is a fast fighting style. He also knows more advanced magic, but these always require longer rituals. These include: calling up a storm, ability to project his soul to surroundings and sensing life in a certain perimeter.
He wields a staff with 3 slots to store forces outside of his body.

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