31 - 65 Dry Hollow Road

30 - Hallway 32 - Corn field
Warren jumped from the front porch, ignoring the three-somewhat steps. His landing wasn't perfect, winning Derrek a few precious seconds. He used these to pull his rubber gun and aiming down the sights.
"Stop,— or I'll shoot!" He said, breath catching.
The youth was already up again and eyed him. "You tried that already." He said with a grin. You cocky son of a bitch. Derrek pulled the trigger, rubber bullets hit him on the chest. The youth let out a grunt before turning and running again. Derrek descended the stairs, holstering his rubber gun. His hand moved to his real gun as he followed. I made that decision already. I won't shoot these kids. He pulled back his hand and started sprinting in full.
Warren was not heading for the muddy farm road straight in front of them. He went a bit to the left, where both of them had been before. The cornfield.
Warren entered them a good ten meters before Derrek. You don't have your advantage of stealth anymore. No getting away this time. Derrek pulled out his flashlight and entered the corn.

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