30 - Hallway

29 - Attic 31 - 65 Dry Hollow Road
Derrek got down the hatch in some quick steps, almost breaking his leg halfway, but he caught himself just in the nick of time. He had pocketed his gun somewhere in his retreat in the attic, but still held his flashlight. He shone it up a final time at the attic, afraid to find something, anything, there except for a ceiling. He got a ceiling.
Behind him, he heard Warren take the final steps from the stairs. Derrek started running again, muscles straining in full now from everything they had to endure during the day. He pushed through the pain. He passed the railing and took the first steps of the stairs. Voices came from downstairs and as he got halfway, he spotted Warren running from the hall beside the stairs. He wasn't wearing his mask anymore, Derrek saw full-on panic in his eyes. He couldn't place the panic, until he saw Chip come out of the kitchen, shotgun in hand. Yeah, you're right to panic at that sight.
Chip saw Derrek and stopped, frowning.
"I got him!" Derrek yelled at Chip, snatching for a breath after the yell and intensive exercise he was going through. His heart beat like crazy. Derrek found the energy to keep going though, this kid wouldn't get away.
Warren passed through the open front door as Derrek jumped the final two steps, he followed through the front door.

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