3 - Farm Road

2 - 65 Dry Hollow Road 4 - Cornfield
Mud everywhere. On normal mud roads, you could always find some sturdy patch, but the farming machines had made them all juicy. Derrek's boots were already covered all over and he only passed the first bend. He was surrounded by fields on both side. I could pass through them, the ground will be better there, but I'll lose my sight. Better just take it slowly. He pulled his phone from his pocket. Better call in my progress or he'll think I'm slacking around.
"Chief Tambell speaking." His phone said.
"Chief, this is Derrek. Ju—"
"Are you on site yet?"
"Yes, spoke to the neighbor and no—"
"Everything fixed? Head back over then." Man, this guy is so rude. How come this guy could ever become our chief. Someone must have liked him, but I couldn't guess who.
"No, the road is full of mud. I'm heading over on foot to check the screams." The line went silent for a few seconds.
"So, you're just calling to pass your time? Son," The Chief sighed, "I've got a mess to clean up here. Call me when you've got something solid or even better, don't call and get your ass back here ASAP." Derrek wanted to reply but he heard beeping from the line. He stopped in his tracks. Why the hell do I work for that guy, he doesn't care what's happening here. I should just— but as if on cue, his thoughts were broken by another scream. This one already way closer, louder and creepier than the one before. Girl, definitely. And yeah, that's why you're here man. Not for your chief, for that girl screaming for help. Though she isn't screaming for help, just screaming. He increased his pace, set down his foot on a seemingly solid ground and got splashed by mud over his pants. Great.
It took him a good seven minutes before he could see the farmhouse. He saw it after passing another two bends in the road. With the last light he could still pick up some details. The house itself was as he expected. Big three story older wooden farmhouse with a front porch. To the right he saw another building, topping the fields only barely. Also wood with a rounded roof. Probably a storage space. Silo? Shed? What is it called?
The corn fields to his sides were still high and full. He couldn't see anything through them. He kept his eyes and ears open though as he checked both left and right constantly. Weird how you can feel claustrophobic outside in the fields.
There was no activity anywhere, no lights, no cards, no sounds except for some birds, and no more screams since the last one. I can't go waiting until I hear another one, better check out the house. He kept to the road and came into the opening with the house and shed. Nothing out of order here, the house had its door and windows closed, no lights on. The shed was also closed up, with a big chain around the front gate. The ground was juiciest at the gate, with some of it heading his way but most of the tracks went to the back. Here, he saw the fields beyond too, those had been cleared for the most part.
To the left of the house, an empty livestock pen stood. The wood was worn down, and the gate hung loose. Seems like they gave up on that. Probably had some chicken in there.. Or pigs. That's a few horror scenarios gone then.
He stepped toward the house slowly, listening for any sounds. Nothing came. He put up his foot to take the step up the porch, but saw a gigantic ball of mud attached to it. Unlikely anyone else came in this way, should have made some stains. Doesn't mean I have to go and mess up a perfectly clean porch. He went to the grass surrounding the porch and tried his best leaving as much mud behind as possible. Damn, still gonna stain everything… Well, I tried. he thought as he started making muddy footprints on the porch. The wood creaked as he walked to the door. He stopped and listened again for any activity inside, even putting his ear to the door. Quiet as a mouse. No other option than ringing.
He pushed the tiny button and heard some tinkly bells going off inside. He kept his ear to the door but no other sounds came. Wasn't really expecting anyone to come open up but still.. He went toward the window at the right side of the house and tried looking in. A curtain blocked his sight but he could make out a living room through the darkness. He looked at the shed— Barn! That's the word. In the mud he saw footprints to the front of the gate. The owners locking the gate or fresher? He turned back to investigate further when he spotted something on the road he came from. It was just for a fraction of a second, but he clearly saw someone running into the fields to his left. What the hell? Seemed like a girl, dressed in white. Was she the one screaming before? She should have seen me from there. Derrek stood watching for a few seconds thinking. I'd better go and— another scream came, from the fields he was watching. Derrek didn't dilly dally any longer, ran from the porch and toward the field to his left. He took an angle to intersect with the trail the girl took. He drew his rubber gun, you never know, as he slowed down and entered the fields.

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