26 - Hallway

25 - Kitchen 27 - Sitting Room
The front door was closed, but through its stained glass, Derrek could make out flashing red and blue lights. Derrek listened for any other sounds, but the sirens swallowed them all.
As he walked to the front door, he could see one of the double doors was open, the right one. It was opened halfway and swung toward the inside. A light was on inside. Derrek saw the furthest edge of the room, to the front of the house. There were shelves of books. It looked epic. Derrek had to restrain himself not to walk into the room.
Chip first, otherwise he'll go Rambo.
Derrek opened the front door and stood watching the sight. Chip's pick-up truck was riding toward the house. Well, slipping rather. He still had a lot of speed and the mud spat up on both sides. Red and blue lights lit up the corn on both sides. He hit some of the stalks here and there as the truck swiveled through. Derrek held up his hand to block the headlights. Chip whooped his siren a few more times.
He pulled up sideways in front of the house, slipping even further. The door swung open and a heavy-set man jumped out, boots hitting the mud. His siren was off but his headlights and cherries were still blinking. Chip strode toward the house, the sound of shells loading into a shotgun accompanied him.
"Eighteen! Where's the fun?" Chip shouted and cocked a shell.
"No guns, Chip. I told you." Derrek said as Chip raised an eyebrow. "Situation is almost under control. Two pepper sprayed inside, not going anywhere." Derrek pointed toward the shed, "one zipped and hurt," he pointed toward the barn. "One cuffed on the first floor." Chip's face drooped with every count going higher. "And.. one loose end still about." His face lighted up, fingers tickling his shotgun. "Unarmed." Derrek said curt.
Chip grunted and hung the shotgun on his belt. Yes, he actually had a piece on his belt to attach it to. And he wore it day in, day out.
"So, where did the loose end move off to?" Good question. Would he have gone outside? It's possible he just left all together.
"Last seen outside." Derrek grabbed for the small key in his pouch and held it out. "Can you retrieve the shed and the barn? I'll round up inside here." Chip wasn't looking at him, he was looking around, seeking for any movement, hand moving toward his shotgun again. "Chip. You know what the Chief said." Derrek said slowly. That got has attention.
"I know. It's just been a while since I got to do something."
"Don't screw up now, you can be in action again in no time. Put back your gun and pull the light from your roof. Reinforcements is still out for a while, but they can't see you with either of those. And Chip, thank you for coming."
Chip gave him a nod and moved back to his car.
Derrek left the front door open, making sure it was wide open. The house had grown silent it seemed, the voices he had barely heard before were gone.
Time to check the cool room.

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