13 - Hallway

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Derrek lit up the dark hallway with his red light, as he closed the door behind him. It was long and narrow here, but grew wider toward the end, where the front door was. There were two doors close by, one to the left; kitchen he guessed; and one to the right. The red light illuminated a metal plaque drawing of a man and woman holding their nether parts. My grandma has those too, toilet it is.
Derrek peered further down, there was another door to the right first, beneath a handrail that went down toward the front door. Stairs! I'm guessing basement beneath it. To the left, perpendicular with where the stairs ended, was another door. He couldn't see further beyond it without increasing the brightness of his flashlight. The chanting was louder here
Better make sure I'm not leaving any surprises behind me. Damn, I still need something to block that back door with. No chairs here either, going to have to go through the kitchen at some point. Better check the toilet first. He got out his rubber gun, armed with his last rounds of rubber bullets.
With his flashlight hand, he opened the door.

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